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Created by Einheri
Downloads: 164
Try of the new intent rule with internet search!
TuneAnnouncer On
Created by ACraigL
Downloads: 8
Use intents to toggle TuneAnnouncer notifications. For example, only display music information while in the maps app. To toggle the setting, clone this rule and simply invert the app condition and set the intent variable to 'false'.
Копия 12. Режим "в машине"
Created by pitersaab
Downloads: 4
Podcast Addict Play -15s
Created by webrodrigo
Downloads: 17
Start playing a podcast addict list (jumps 15s backwards).
Save battery when screen off
Created by AutomateIt team
Downloads: 923
Use battery saver to optimize your phone when the screen is turned off
NOT WORKING EXAMPLE - YouTube video intent rule
Created by Ya'ir
Downloads: 0
I wish I could make this work...
Toggle Strava
Created by awildcolin
Downloads: 17
Uses Strava NFC intent to start and stop ride. Can be used in tandem with NFC LockScreenOff Enabler Xposed module for quick starting and stopping of rides. See for more info on how the intent works.
Bluetooth Device Connected Trigger → Launch Intent Action
Created by kirksteffl1234
Downloads: 43
Čas → Spustit akci
Created by diehardusa
Downloads: 11
Activer NFC lancement VCub facile
Created by Thi3rry
Downloads: 0
Activity Recognition Trigger → Launch Intent Action
Created by palofcool
Downloads: 14
Launch Google Voice Search when S Voice activates
Created by thloh85
Downloads: 35
Used in Galaxy Note 3. Enable S Voice wake up using Hi Galaxy, and this rule automatically run Google Voice Search instead of S Voice
Closes Waze when car BT disconnected
Created by stefferle
Downloads: 126
Created by tantrumatik
Downloads: 9
NFC Trigger Spotify Next Track
Created by JackyYeh
Downloads: 6
Touch the NFC tag to trigger SPOTIFY next track. You need to load spotify first, and reset NFC tag by yourself.
Created by renan.clementino
Downloads: 46
Play Spotify widget when conected to Bluetooth device. Turn off wifi. Adjust volume
Connected to bluetooth, start playing Pocketcasts
Created by brianschmitt
Downloads: 28
Activity Recognition Trigger → Launch Intent Action
Created by krysbaker1987
Downloads: 22
profilo casa
Created by fortunato.vitale
Downloads: 7
Created by Shadow
Downloads: 24
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