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How can an AWESOME beta users group help you?

This seems like a no-brainer. Having a beta users group will help you perfect your product. We all know that, but after over a year since AutomateIt beta group was launched, we cannot believe how crucial that is to our

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Launch Intent Action – What’s that???

The new “Launch Intent Action” released on AutomateIt latest update raised a few questions that are basically saying “What is it, and how do I use it?”. To better understand this new action, we first need to explain what an Intent

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AutomateIt Pressy Plugin is now available!

Pressy has just announced that shipping of over 30,000 almighty buttons has started yesterday and should be arriving in just a few days to its backers. That’s great news for all those who backed this project on Kickstarter. Thanks to our

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Enjoy the World Cup with AutomateIt

After a long 4 years wait, it’s here! For the soccer fans in the crowd, the next month is definitely a celebration. 64 games of the best teams in the world. What more can you ask? Well, just to make it

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