AutomateIt Adventure with “App of the day” (AppTurbo)

AppTurboLogoWith hundreds of thousands of apps on the Play Store, one of the main challenges of every app is getting noticed and downloaded by lots of users. Every app developer out there knows what we are talking about.

A few weeks ago we were approached by AppTurbo team and they asked if we would like to publish AutomateIt with them. Those of you who are not familiar with AppTurbo (AKA “App of the day”) – What they basically do is connect with app developers and promote a paid app for 24 hours for FREE (or with in-app bonuses, depends on the app).

This deal sounds very interesting and we decided to give it a try – on the day of the promotion, users who have registered to the rules market using the “appoftheday” promo code, were awarded with 150 points that they can use to unlock Pro features or download rules from the market (usually, it’s 30 points).

We figured, “Ok, that will get us some new users”. If only we knew what was coming our way…

Things started to look interesting when morning came to Australia which was first to receive this deal. We started seeing lots of users registering from there. it then rolled on to Russia and explodedย when it reached Italy (and later on to Spain, Canada, Brazil and more).

What do we mean by “exploded” you might ask. Well, let’s say that from our servers perspective, it looked like a DDoS attack (But in a good way). Our servers literally couldn’t take it and went down several times until we upgraded them significantly to handle the load during that “attack”. Just to show you how it looked like from our point of view – this is a CPU chart of one of our servers during the promotion:

CPU usage graph

CPU usage graph

During the promotion we’ve seen amazing download and registration numbers (up to several thousands registered users within a single hour!) mostly from Europe but also some nice numbers from Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Canada.

Downloads per country

Downloads per country

At the end of the day, we had over 60,000 downloads during the 24 hours promotion alone, not mentioning the thousands of additional downloads since then, due to the extreme change in our app ranking pushing AutomateIt up to 2nd place (!) in the productivity category in Italy (Only surpassed by Adobe Reader, and just before ES File Expolrer, Google Drive and Dropbox) and in many other countries.

App ranking (from

App ranking (from

App Ranking - Productivity - Italy (from

App Ranking – Productivity – Italy (from

Overall, we are still excited about that campaign and look forward to seeing where it takes AutomateIt in the future.

So, if you are an app developer and looking for a great way to promote your app, we have no doubt in mind that AppTurbo delivers what they say, but we still recommend that you consider the following pointers:

  • We had tons of support emails received during the promotion so stay alert for that. lots of the emails had to do with the promo code being used incorrectly so we credited these users. Just to give you a sense of what we mean – there were over 200 different ways that the promo code was misspelled (“appofftheday”, “App Of The Day”, “apphoftheday” and many many more…)
  • If you are using some sort of back-end for your app, have your IT team ready for trouble ๐Ÿ™‚

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our new users for joining the AutomateIt community. Hope you’ll enjoy the app and make the most out of it.



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