AutomateIt Pressy Plugin is now available!

AutomateIt Pressy PluginPressy has just announced that shipping of over 30,000 almighty buttons has started yesterday and should be arriving in just a few days to its backers.

That’s great news for all those who backed this project on Kickstarter.

Thanks to our cooperation with Pressy, we are excited to launch a new plugin that connects your Pressy to AutomateIt. Choose a pattern of presses as a trigger and pair it with AutomateIt actions.

Click here to download the plugin.

In case you haven’t ordered your Pressy yet, you can place your order here.

AutomateIt Pressy Plugin Screenshot

AutomateIt Pressy Plugin Screenshot




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7 comments on “AutomateIt Pressy Plugin is now available!
  1. Nik says:

    Hi, I have a conflict between this plugin and headset button, which is used for control the music player. This happens, even if I do not use the single press command for pressy. Is it able to exclude the single short press of the button from processing of this plugin? Or, is it possible to control play/pause by the Automateit programm?

  2. Fritjof says:

    Hello, help: I want to use a rule using the pressy-plugin. I made the rule but how can I enable the rule? Where have I to ‘press’ ?

    Thank you Fritjof

  3. CJ says:

    There are three blocks (long, short, null), and no valid patterns can be made with long or short following null. That limits you to 14 valid patterns (s, ss, sss, ssL, sL, sLs, sLL, L, Ls, Lss, LsL, LL, LLs, LLL). Only nine of these patterns are included in the predefined pattern list, with the remaining five missing. Specifically, it seems that all patterns in which a long press follows a short press have been excluded. This is a misfortunate choice, as it’s much easier to press a “click-click-HOLD” to get ‘ssL’ than it is to press just long enough for it to count as long, then double-tap a couple shorts.

    Adding back the five missing patterns should be as close to trivial as a suggestion can be, and it would greatly enhance the usability. We don’t need custom recorded timings, which would be understandably difficult, but having the missing options would make the plugin worth an easy five stars.

  4. Derek says:

    Hey I’m using the automateit free. Is there a setting so the command can be executed when the screen is off? Example is I set up the trigger to turn on flashlight, the command will only work when the screen is on. So if I press pressy when the screen is off, the command will only execute when I turn on the phone.

    • AutomateIt says:

      We’ll need some more details so we can investigate the issue.
      Please send us a “Bug Report” from the “Support” option on the app “More…” menu – that will generate an email with additional info that we can use.
      Please do that as soon as possible after a rule you expect to work fails.

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