Rules Market Language Filter

As AutomateIt grows, its built-in Rules Market contains more and more useful rules that our users have created.
Along with the obvious benefits of having a large selection of rules on the Rules Market that you can use, it became more difficult to find the ones that you can adopt.
One of the side-effects of having a global Rules Market is that rules in all languages were shared to the same place. That made the Rules Market seem cluttered and rules that you could use were hidden by others that you could not understand.
Starting with the latest AutomateIt update, the Rules Market has a new language filter, that by default filters rules by the device and app language. On the app settings screen, you can customize the filter settings, or disable the filter to see all rules in the market.

Rules Market Language Filter

Rules Market Language Filter Settings

To make it easier to toggle the language filter, you can also enable or disable it from the menu on the Rules Market screen.

Toggle language filter from rules market menu

Toggle language filter from Rules Market menu

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Get smart with Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon Trigger

As the world of connected devices grows, one of the main technologies that allows us to connect and integrate new devices is Bluetooth Low-Energy. This is used in healthcare, fitness, beacons, security, and home entertainment industries to connect devices with simple data transfer at low energy.

Most new Android devices support Bluetooth Low Energy and allows us to identify and connect to these devices.

As the adaption of Bluetooth Low Energy technology expands, more and more users were asking for us to integrate that into AutomateIt so they can create rules based on nearby devices such as iBeacons or any other BLE-supported device.

AutomateIt latest update brings you a new trigger that does exactly that. it monitors nearby devices so you can create rules based on nearby devices and beacons (for instance, silence your phone in a meeting room). The trigger configuration is very simple. all you need to do is identify the desired device and set the trigger to launch when it’s nearby or not. For iBeacons you can also use the “nearest” settings so if you have multiple iBeacons in range, the closest one will be used to launch the trigger.

iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy Trigger

iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy Trigger

To help you get started, in case you don’t know the exact details of the device, We’ve built a little helper app that you can use to scan for nearby devices and get their details. The app is available on the Google Play Store at this link.

Once the app is launched, it scans for available devices and shows the available details of each device. You can use the “share” button of the desired device to copy its details and use them in other apps.

iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy Scanner App

iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy Scanner App

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Smart Events with Neura

AutomateIt is all about making your life easier, and make your smartphone work for you. To enhance your automation capabilities even further, we have teamed with Neura – an intuitive Internet of Things app that enhances your everyday experiences by learning you and adapting to your habits, devices and services around you.

Neura uses devices you own and services you use to gain a deeper understanding of your world; and when combined with AutomateIt, the user then has the power to take an action on specific events.

Launch your music app when you arrive at the gym, silent your phone when you arrive to work, or have your smartphone greet you with “Good morning” when you wake up (More sample rules at the bottom of this post).

To enable all the goods that come with the AutomateIt-Neura integration you are required to install the Neura app. You will be redirected to download the Neura app if you select the “Neura Smart Events” trigger on the triggers list (When creating a new rule) and the Neura app is not installed.

Neura smart events trigger

Install Neura app to activate

After installing the Neura app you can select one of the following smart events that will be used as a trigger:

Neura smart events

If that is your first time using the “Neura Smart Events” trigger, you will be required to authenticate with the Neura service so events will be sent to AutomateIt.

That’s it. you are now ready to connect your everyday events to AutomateIt. The following rules are just a few examples that can help you get started:

Good morning! by AutomateIt Team
Make your smartphone greet you when you wake up. Have a great day!

Bluetooth on when driving by AutomateIt Team
Turn on your Bluetooth when started driving so your phone will connect to your Bluetooth speaker

Silent my phone at work by AutomateIt Team
Your phone will switch to silent mode when you arrive to work. Neura learns the world around you and once it figures (on its own!) where "Work" is, you no longer have to worry about it

Send people who call me while driving a text message by shimritben
when I'm driving and someone calls me, send a text message saying I'll call later.

Launch my Spotify when I start driving by shimritben
Launch my Spotify app as soon as I start driving (using Neura's triggers)

Launch Google Maps when I start driving by shimritben
Launch my Google maps when I start driving for easier navigation

Launch Spotify when I arrive at the gym or another activity place by shimritben
when I arrive to my gym, yoga studio or any other workout zone, launch my Spotify app.

Launch my Runkeeper app when I arrive at my gym or other workout zone by shimritben
Launch my Runkeeper app when I arrive at the gym or other workout area (using Neura's triggers)

Text people who call me when I work out and notify them I'll get back to them soon. by shimritben
Notify people who call me while working out I'll be in touch soon (based on Neura's triggers)

Launch Spotify when I wake up by shimritben
Launch my Spotify app when I wake up

More rules…

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AutomateIt for Android Wear

As more and more Android Wear devices are becoming available, AutomateIt now includes several triggers and actions specifically designed for Android Wear.

Android Wear Triggers

Android Wear Triggers

Android Wear Actions

Android Wear Actions

Wear Gesture Trigger

Wear Gesture Trigger

Use hand gestures with your Android Wear device to launch rules on your smartphone (or tablet). You can record any hand gesture such as shaking your hand or even perform Karate moves!

Once you select the Wear Gesture Trigger, you can select the desired gesture or record a new one. To record a new gesture you will need to have your Android Wear device connected and follow the instructions on the device. You’ll have to repeat the same gesture 5 times so it will be easier for AutomateIt to recognize the desired gesture.

Wear Gesture Trigger - Record new gesture

Wear Gesture Trigger – Record new gesture

Record Gesture Steps

Record Gesture Steps

Wear Gesture Selected

Wear Gesture Selected


Wear Connection Trigger


Launch a rule when your Android Wear device connects to your smartphone (or tablet) or when it disconnects.

The following rules gives you a voice notification when your watch is connected or disconnected:

watch connected by AutomateIt Team
Voice notification when your Android Wear watch is connected to your smartphone or tablet

watch disconnected by AutomateIt Team
Voice notification when your Android Wear watch is disconnected from your smartphone or tablet

Wear Battery Level Trigger

ic_trigger_wear_batteryUse your Android Wear battery level as a trigger. Show a notification on your smartphone, send an email or play a sound to make sure you won’t run out of juice on your Android Wear watch.


Wear Vibrate Action

ic_action_wear_vibrateYour watch can vibrate in different patterns to alert on specific events. Using this action you won’t even have to take a look at your watch to see what happened, you can simply feel the vibrate pattern associated with the rule’s trigger!

Vibrate pattern on incoming call from home

Vibrate pattern on incoming call from home

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How can an AWESOME beta users group help you?

AutomateIt Beta Users Group IconThis seems like a no-brainer. Having a beta users group will help you perfect your product.
We all know that, but after over a year since AutomateIt beta group was launched, we cannot believe how crucial that is to our app.
Our beta group is about to reach 1000 members and the ones that are already part of that group helped us so much in the last year, that we had to share some of the insights we got from running that group.

Users who join your beta group are your biggest fans. They join because they love your app and want to be the first to try out new features. It’s the most supporting group you can ask for, and they will give you honest and to-the-point feedback.
In return, they expect you to be responsive and have their opinions, thoughts and suggestions to make a difference in shaping your app. It’s not a written contract but in a way, they become part of your team and should be treated as such.

Usually, users who join this type of groups are tech-savvy and can help you investigate issues and bugs that not any user can. Sometimes, even by running debug tools on their device!
Providing support to your users is always a challenge as you are trying to understand what was happening a few hours or days ago, on a device that might be the other side of the planet and you have no access to it. Any assistance from the user improves you ability to provide adequate support and resolve the issue, whether it’s a bug or not.

Having a large number of users makes it difficult to do quick cycles of development and release an update. You don’t want to “spam” your users with too many updates and it’s too risky to publish an update that might break things if not tested on a significant number of devices.
You could purchase a ton of devices, hire a huge QA team, train them to use your app and do that by yourself, but this will still not get you the results you are looking for since users tend to use your app in a way that no QA team can emulate…

On the other hand, don’t abuse that. It’s true that beta testers are more patient with things breaking than other users (it’s what they “signed up” for), but releasing too many non-working or untested releases will exhaust their patience. Keep in mind that they can always leave if feeling used or abused.

Another aspect of having a large number of users is that when you were just starting and had a small number of users, providing support and personal attention to each user was easy. When getting to a large audience it gets difficult. Having a closed group of users gets you back the almost-one-on-one feeling that you had when you were just starting. Think of that as a rock band that used to play in small bars and now plays in stadiums. Wouldn’t they love to go back to that excitement and provide that personal touch from time to time?

As the group grows, you’ll see that not only you get bug reports, but also solutions and workarounds for the same bugs. As said, these users tend to be experts with using your app so they can be the ones to find a workaround for a non-working feature.
This happened to us lately with the Lollipop upgrade that required adjustments for several functions. Users were sometimes able to find solutions even before we got to investigate the reported issue.

On the technical side of managing a beta group with Google Play, Google has made it extremely easy to use and in fact there is no reason not to to that. The only down side (for some) is that it is based on a Google+ community that not all users are passionate about, but in most cases, this is nothing to worry about.

Today, we cannot imagine releasing an update without our beta group getting it first. It usually takes 2-3 cycles to fine-tune new features as we get great feedback and suggestions with each update (in fact, more than we can handle…).

The way we see it, a beta group is not a “nice-to-have” thing, but something you absolutely must have. Keep in mind that it requires your attention and adds another way of communication you need to manage, but well worth it.

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Launch Intent Action – What’s that???

Launch Intent ActionThe new “Launch Intent Action” released on AutomateIt latest update raised a few questions that are basically saying “What is it, and how do I use it?”.

To better understand this new action, we first need to explain what an Intent is on Android. In a nutshell, an intent is a way of communication between apps so that one app can launch another app screen or notify it to do a specific action.

Each intent has a name (called “Action”) and type (“Activity” – show screen, “Broadcast” – send a message).

To demonstrate the way this action can be used we will launch a web search on the device.


Using the android.intent.action.WEB_SEARCH action (of type “Activity”) will launch the default web search on the device (Such as Google Now).

The Advanced link on the action properties allows further customization of the Intent and is usually optional. For web search action, we can specify a query to be used for search.

The most common way to customize an Intent is to add Extras. we do that by tapping the Add Extra button:

Add Extra button

After adding a new Extra, you can set its name, type and value:

query extra

Launching that action will start the device’ default web search and search for “AutomateIt”:

Search results

Additional properties that can be used to customize an Intent are (From the Android developer documentation):

  • Category – Gives additional information about the action to execute. For example, CATEGORY_LAUNCHER means it should appear in the Launcher as a top-level application, while CATEGORY_ALTERNATIVE means it should be included in a list of alternative actions the user can perform on a piece of data.
  • Data – The data to operate on, such as a person record in the contacts database, expressed as a Uri
  • Package Name – Specifies an explicit name of an app main package. You can take it from the download link of the app. For instance, the Package Name of AutomateIt free version is AutomateIt.mainPackage taken from the download link
  • MIME Type – Specifies an explicit type of the intent data
  • Flags – Set special flags controlling how this intent is handled. Most values here depend on the type of component being executed by the Intent, specifically the FLAG_ACTIVITY_* flags are all for use with Intents of type “Activity”and the FLAG_RECEIVER_* flags are all for use Intents of type “Broadcast”

To get you started with some Intents you can try, take a look at the following lists of Intents:

Sample Rules

Save battery when screen off by AutomateIt Team
Use battery saver to optimize your phone when the screen is turned off

More sample rules…

Feel free to share more links to lists of Intents or rules from the Rules Market in the comments of this post.

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AutomateIt Pressy Plugin is now available!

AutomateIt Pressy PluginPressy has just announced that shipping of over 30,000 almighty buttons has started yesterday and should be arriving in just a few days to its backers.

That’s great news for all those who backed this project on Kickstarter.

Thanks to our cooperation with Pressy, we are excited to launch a new plugin that connects your Pressy to AutomateIt. Choose a pattern of presses as a trigger and pair it with AutomateIt actions.

Click here to download the plugin.

In case you haven’t ordered your Pressy yet, you can place your order here.

AutomateIt Pressy Plugin Screenshot

AutomateIt Pressy Plugin Screenshot


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Enjoy the World Cup with AutomateIt

AutomateIt World Cup PluginAfter a long 4 years wait, it’s here!
For the soccer fans in the crowd, the next month is definitely a celebration.

64 games of the best teams in the world. What more can you ask?

Well, just to make it even easier for you to get the most of this world cup, We have published a new plugin that adds a new trigger for all the world cup events.

You can use that trigger to keep track of match status (starting, half-time, finished etc) or real-time events such as goals, bookings, penalty kicks and more.

Just select your favorite team(s), select the desired events and that’s it! you are all set for the World Cup!

Sample rules


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AutomateIt Plugins are here !

If you visited our feature request forum, you can see tons of great ideas for new triggers and actions that would make AutomateIt even more powerful than it already is.

The only problem with implementing all of these creative suggestions is that it would also make AutomateIt much more complicated to understand and use.

In order to keep on improving AutomateIt and allow advanced users to choose more complex triggers and actions, while still keeping it simple and easy to use for all, AutomateIt now supports plugins which can be used to extend its capabilities as you desire.

Plugins ? What is it ???

Plugin action iconPlugins are applications you can download from the Google Play Store and simply by installing it, you add new actions and triggers that you can use within AutomateIt. Sounds easy, right ?

When you install a plugin and launch the plugin application, it shows you the triggers and actions that are available with the plugin.

AutomateIt Flashlight Plugin

AutomateIt Flashlight Plugin

Once the plugin is installed, actions and triggers are added to a dedicated section in the list of available triggers and actions within AutomateIt, allowing you to create rules that use the plugin functionality.

Plugin Actions

Plugin Actions

When the plugin trigger or action is selected you can edit its properties just like any other trigger or action within AutomateIt.

Edit Plugin Action

Edit Plugin Action

To get you started, there are several plugins already available for download that you can use:

Flashlight Plugin

plugin_icon512x512This plugin adds flashlight control to AutomateIt – turn it on/off or make it blink any desired pattern with Morse code !

Click here to download

Facebook Plugin

plugin_icon512x512This plugin adds dedicated actions to AutomateIt that allows you to post status updates or stories to your Facebook timeline, using all of AutomateIt triggers.

Click here to download

Shell Plugin

plugin_icon512x512This plugin adds a dedicated action to AutomateIt to run any shell command. The command can be run as regular user or root (on supporting devices).

Click here to download

Podcast Addict Plugin

plugin_icon512x512If you are a Podcast Addict fan, you are going to like this one – This plugin adds a dedicated action to AutomateIt to control your podcasts playback, updates and other functions within the podcast addict app.

Click here to download

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New Release – Active period with Triggers, Wifi Network In Range Trigger and more…

A new release was just uploaded to the Play Store. Go get it !
Click here to download AutomateIt
This update introduces the following features:

New Trigger – Wifi network available

Wifi network available triggerWifi networks are everywhere and so far AutomateIt enabled you to launch rules based on wifi state (on or off) and connection state to a specified network (connected, disconnected and so on).

Still, it seems like that something was missing and this new trigger should fill the gap – you can now launch rules based on networks that are in range, regardless of your connection state.

Taking it a step further, if your device is running Android 4.3, this trigger will work even when your wifi is turned off ! on other devices, this trigger will only work when wifi is turned on so you can skip to the next feature.

To make sure this feature is enabled on your device go to the app settings screen and look for the “Wifi network available trigger settings” (If you can’t find it, this feature is not supported on your device – only Android 4.3+ is supported) .

If you see the “Always scan” button this means that the feature is not enabled on the device and you need to click the button to use it.

Wifi network available trigger - Always Scan Button

Wifi network available trigger – Always Scan Button

When clicking the button the following dialog will be displayed:

Allow wifi scan when wifi is off

Allow wifi scan when wifi is off

Clicking the “Allow” button will set the device global setting that allows AutomateIt and other apps (such as Google Maps) to scan for wifi network when wifi is turned off. To disable this setting you need to go to the device wifi settings.

After allowing scan when wifi is turned off you can set additional parameters that control the time interval between wifi scans that are initiated by AutomateIt.

Scan wifi networks settings

Scan wifi networks settings

Required apps

All of you who browsed the rules market must have seen all kinds of awesome rules that require some app that you are not familiar with or don’t have installed on your device so you couldn’t take advantage of them. This update now shows you a list of apps that are required for each rule and redirects you to the Play Store app for downloading that app (assuming the app is available on the Play Store). Take a look at the following screenshots to see how this looks like when expanding the rule details on the rules market:

Required app on rules market

Required app on the rules market

Required app on the rules market

Required app on the rules market 

Improved text to speech action

Following AutomateIt previous update that added several keywords you can use in various actions, the text-to-speech action is now supporting these keywords. Make your device announce the time or battery level when you wish.

SMS Keywords

Active period with triggers

Rule active period has been around for a long time (Feature can be unlocked in free version and available in the Pro version) allowing rules to be active only in defined time periods – e.g. only on Sunday between 9:00 and 11:00.

This update brings much more flexibility to the same concept – You can now set rules to be active between defined triggers. for instance, Want to set a periodic reminder to charge your battery when it’s getting low ?

Low battery warning

Low battery warning

Low battery warning by AutomateIt Team
Want a periodic reminder to charge your battery that will not stop until you connect your phone to the charger? that rule will take care of that for you

Check out this set of useful rules that you can create using that new feature:

Super annoying alarm clock by AutomateIt Team
Having troubles waking up in the morning? addicted to the snooze button? this rule is not a simple snooze button. it will not stop until you at least check your emails to make sure you are awake

Read SMS content while driving by AutomateIt Team
Your phone will read any SMS that you receive while driving

Speaker off when near ear during call by AutomateIt Team
Automatically turn off the speaker when you hold your phone near your face during an active call. This rule does not require any enable/disable rules as it uses the NEW feature that activates it when a call starts and deactivates when a call ends !

Speaker on when far from ear during call by AutomateIt Team
Automatically turn on the speaker when you hold your phone away from your face during an active call. This rule does not require any enable/disable rules as it uses the NEW feature that activates it when a call starts and deactivates when a call ends !

Delayed execution notification on Jelly Bean

Rules that execute with delayed execution on Jelly bean gets a new look that shows the rule name, the icon of the delayed action and a standard progress bar with buttons to execute or cancel the scheduled action.

Delayed execution notification on Jelly Bean

Delayed execution notification on Jelly Bean

Oh, and we also fixed several bugs that caused notifications to get stuck.. (Not just on Jelly Bean)

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