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Rules Market Language Filter

As AutomateIt grows, its built-in Rules Market contains more and more useful rules that our users have created. Along with the obvious benefits of having a large selection of rules on the Rules Market that you can use, it became

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Get smart with Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon Trigger

As the world of connected devices grows, one of the main technologies that allows us to connect and integrate new devices is Bluetooth Low-Energy. This is used in healthcare, fitness, beacons, security, and home entertainment industries to connect devices with simple data

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Smart Events with Neura

AutomateIt is all about making your life easier, and make your smartphone work for you. To enhance your automation capabilities even further, we have teamed with Neura – an intuitive Internet of Things app that enhances your everyday experiences by learning

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AutomateIt for Android Wear

As more and more Android Wear devices are becoming available, AutomateIt now includes several triggers and actions specifically designed for Android Wear. Wear Gesture Trigger Use hand gestures with your Android Wear device to launch rules on your smartphone (or

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Launch Intent Action – What’s that???

The new “Launch Intent Action” released on AutomateIt latest update raised a few questions that are basically saying “What is it, and how do I use it?”. To better understand this new action, we first need to explain what an Intent

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Enjoy the World Cup with AutomateIt

After a long 4 years wait, it’s here! For the soccer fans in the crowd, the next month is definitely a celebration. 64 games of the best teams in the world. What more can you ask? Well, just to make it

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AutomateIt Plugins are here !

If you visited our feature request forum, you can see tons of great ideas for new triggers and actions that would make AutomateIt even more powerful than it already is. The only problem with implementing all of these creative suggestions

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