Featured SMS Rules

Looking at AutomateIt rules market you can find a lot of useful rules.

On this post we will be highlighting several SMS-related rules that can enhance your smartphone. All the rules were created and uploaded by AutomateIt users ! keep up the good work.

A txt from the wife! by Jay
Don't miss a txt from the wife!

Find device by Gaurav
Ever felt that you can't find your mobile and is in the house and you need it immediately? Just SMS 'find' and you mobile starts making loud noise, says'i am here!', vibrates and turns screen on.

Text from son in college by bekktek
I have three kids and I use the same text sound for all of them. This rule will tell me when the text is from the college student, and has a two second delay to allow for the default notification sound.

Intercom by word
I use this like a spy device. You send it a text with a certain code an it calls home. I then can listen in on wherever I left my phone. If you are super sneaky you will make a rule to silence the phone that is triggered by the activation of this rule. Therefore no warning.

Turn on sounds after a 911 text by shwitz44
If anyone texts me with "911" in the text, it'll wake my phone up and un-silence it. I couple this with a rule to make an alarm sound on a delay.

Viper Alarm. Speak text when alarm is triggered by itsmeluismariscal
My Viper Alarm by directed notifies me by email or text when my car alarm is triggered. Sometimes I can't look right away to see who emailed me or text me. When I receive a text from alerts@mangagesmartstar.com I set it speak the text with "Alert! Alarm has been triggered" Replace with whatever text of course.

awesome scare by jess
scare the crap out of whoever stole your phone by texting that's right bitch

Marco Polo by tllindsey
when phone is lost play "marco polo" with it. by texting "marco".



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6 comments on “Featured SMS Rules
  1. RJ anderson says:

    I have mysms on my tablet(Samsung tab s) to pick up all my text messages from my phone(Nexus 5). I want automateit to read out loud all the new text messages I get. I cannot seem to find the right trigger for it.

  2. James says:

    I can not seem to get Automate it to “read ” SMS messages with either “Go SMS pro” or Handcent installed – I saw where I need to make an adjustment to them to allow other apps to read the message first …. With just stock sms texting app installed Automateit reads the message fine

    Anyone have pointers as to where to make these changes

    • AutomateIt says:

      We have just updated the FAQ page with a detailed description of the settings you need to configure in Handcent SMS or GO SMS Pro.

      • Rob says:

        I have Go SMS Pro and your suggested settings did not help. I am using the “Any SMS” trigger and “Send SMS” action with the “Last SMS received sender” selected. Any other ideas?

        • AutomateIt says:

          Please contact our support using the “Support” option from the app “More…” menu so we can investigate the issue

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