Get smart with Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon Trigger

As the world of connected devices grows, one of the main technologies that allows us to connect and integrate new devices is Bluetooth Low-Energy. This is used in healthcare, fitness, beacons, security, and home entertainment industries to connect devices with simple data transfer at low energy.

Most new Android devices support Bluetooth Low Energy and allows us to identify and connect to these devices.

As the adaption of Bluetooth Low Energy technology expands, more and more users were asking for us to integrate that into AutomateIt so they can create rules based on nearby devices such as iBeacons or any other BLE-supported device.

AutomateIt latest update brings you a new trigger that does exactly that. it monitors nearby devices so you can create rules based on nearby devices and beacons (for instance, silence your phone in a meeting room). The trigger configuration is very simple. all you need to do is identify the desired device and set the trigger to launch when it’s nearby or not. For iBeacons you can also use the “nearest” settings so if you have multiple iBeacons in range, the closest one will be used to launch the trigger.

iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy Trigger

iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy Trigger

To help you get started, in case you don’t know the exact details of the device, We’ve built a little helper app that you can use to scan for nearby devices and get their details. The app is available on the Google Play Store at this link.

Once the app is launched, it scans for available devices and shows the available details of each device. You can use the “share” button of the desired device to copy its details and use them in other apps.

iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy Scanner App

iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy Scanner App



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