Happy New Year 2013

Happy new Year !

We are very excited to announce that we just released a new version of AutomateIt to the Google Play Store.

We love our user community so we decided to welcome 2013 and grant all our registered users 13 more points to their rules market account ! Enjoy 🙂

Now you can share your thoughts about rules in the market. Rating rules on the rules market supports user comments. Don’t forget to rate your favorite rules and support the rule authors.

Another great addition – Now you can see rules on your browser. The Rules Market is now available on our website at AutomateIt Rules Market . On this webpage, You can browse the top rated rules, the latest and the hotest. You can click a rule and see more details like users reviews, the trigger & action its make of etc. You can also scan the QR code to jump straight to the rule in the rules market, and you can browse next/previous rules.

Thanks to our great community, we now support 16 languages !   The latest addition, Portuguese – Huge thanks to our Portuguese users – muito obrigado.

For you convenient, Triggers and Actions are now categorized to Common and More.

Of course the version also includes some bug fixes to improve AutomateIt.

Wish you all a great year all around the world 🙂

AutomateIt Team



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