New release – Activity Recognition !

Another exciting update for AutomateIt was just released to the Play Store.
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Activity Recognition !

Activity recognition triggerOne of the most common questions our users ask is – “Is there any way to launch a rule when I start driving ? or running ?”. Until now, we had to use all kinds of workarounds for that. but no more !

The Activity Recognition Trigger allows you to easily create a rule that will decide if you are currently driving a car, bicycle, walking or just standing still.

Please note that this trigger is still an experimental feature as it relies on a service provided by Google that was launched just 2 days ago !

Activity Recognition Trigger Setup

Activity Recognition Trigger Setup

Show popup when rule launched

We’ve added a new setting that allows you to configure whether you want a popup message when each rule is launched or not. Until now, this was only supported as a global setting for all rules from the settings screen.

  • Default – use the global setting from the settings screen
  • Yes – always show popup when this rule is launched
  • No – Never show popup when this rule is launched

Show popup when rule launched

Support Forums

The support forums were introduced with our previous update but they are starting to gain lots of great ideas for features and you are welcome to join the conversation.

How can we help you ?

How can we help you ?



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7 comments on “New release – Activity Recognition !
  1. christina says:

    Why does it send the message I created for when I’m driving every time I stop at a light and go to the same person that texted me Last even when they aren’t texting me

    • AutomateIt says:

      That depends on how you defined your rule. The way it should probably be defined is as follows:
      Trigger: Any SMS Trigger
      Action: Send SMS (reply to last sender)
      Active Period Start Trigger: Started Driving
      Active Period End Trigger: Stop Driving

  2. kvelez says:

    In my case once it determines I am driving, there is no way to convince I am not, unless I reboot the phone.

  3. kvelez says:

    It’s been close to a year. Is this another project Google abandoned?

  4. Mark says:

    So, what is it and how does it work? I set up a rule to turn bluetooth on in my car, went for a ride and nothing happened.

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