New Release – Enhanced contact selection and bug fixes

A new update to AutomateIt was just released and includes the following features.
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Enhanced contact selection

Several actions and triggers in AutomateIt are based on selecting a contact or a phone number. Until now, these actions and triggers were limited to selecting either a contact or a phone number from the contacts list. This update introduces an enhanced contact selection option that allows you to choose the method of selecting the relevant contact from the following (The list of available options depends on the specific action or trigger) :

  • Selected Contact – select contact from your contacts list
  • Selected Phone Number – select phone number  from your contacts list
  • Manual Phone number – manually enter phone number
  • Last SMS received sender – the phone number of the last SMS received
  • Last caller – The phone number of the last incoming call (answered or missed)
  • All contacts
  • Unknown contact
Enhanced contact selection

Enhanced contact selection

This feature is used in the following triggers and actions:

  • SMS from contact trigger
  • Call state trigger
  • Outgoing call trigger
  • Dial phone number action
  • Send SMS action
Download the following rule to start using this new feature:

Where are you ??? by AutomateIt Team
Use this rule to send a reply SMS with the phone location to the person asked "where r u". This rule is only supported for version 3/4.0.55 (released on March 12) or later versions

Open URL Action – “Run in background”

Open URL Action now supports running HTTP GET requests in the background without launching the browser.

Also, as a security measure – Whenever you download a rule from the rules market that has the Open URL Action, a warning will pop showing you the URL. Please only download rules that point to known and trusted URLs. If you encounter any malicious rule or URL, report using the support option within the app.

Updated features

  • Enable/Disable Sync Action is now supported on all devices
  • Enable/Disable GPS Action is now supported on all devices running Android 2.2 and all rooted devices
  • Set Airplane Mode Action is no longer supported for JB due to changes made by Goolge. It is currently supported for devices running any Android version until JB and for rooted devices running JB (or later…)

Uploading rules does not gain points

Notice that uploading rules to the rules market does not earn you points anymore. Still, if you have a great rule to share with the world, don’t hesitate !

Minimized rich notifications setting

Following several requests from users after the previous update, we have added a setting that allows you to have minimized notification.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed widget size on devices running ICS and up
  • Disable lock screen action fix
  • Fixed submitting rule rating on rules market
  • Fixed continuous execution of location trigger
  • Fixed recurring event trigger executing on wrong interval
  • Don’t show unlock features dialog on Pro version



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7 comments on “New Release – Enhanced contact selection and bug fixes
  1. Darius says:

    I’ve been using AutomateIt pro for 2 years now. I love it. But recently I wanted to use it with NFC tags with my Nexus 5 and I’m facing a problem while creating a rule. When I choose NFC rule, it expecting me to scan a tag ID. When I do so, for some reason it doesn’t react at all except I can hear a sound. Am I doing something wrong or thats a bug?

  2. Charles Collins says:

    Came across this page and thought this is just what I am looking for. I use the Calendar trigger a lot. During certain meetings I have phone on silent but want to send a reply text to any sms messages I receive. I don’t have the option in any trigger or rules for ‘all contacts’. I only have the options found in the picture above. Any help appreciated

    • AutomateIt says:

      You can use the “Any SMS Trigger”. That one requires no contact selection and will reply to all messages

  3. Simon says:


    I’ve recently got the pro version of the app and am starting to use it for everything! There are 3 additions that would be really helpful:
    1 – As a trigger, check if another rule is enabled/disabled. I use widgets a lot, and this will allow me to put in a check to make sure I didn’t press the widget by accident – I will need to press 1 widget (which enables a rule) then the next widget (which checks if the rule’s enabled before running, then disables the original rule).
    2 – Get input from the user by popping up a check box. This could be used to ask if GPS etc. wants to be turned off when an app is closed.
    3 – Read all day calendar events. This would mean you can show a notification for birthdays. I would get a rule to check the calendar once a day and, if there’s an all day event that includes the word ‘birthday’, it will notify the user.

    If those 3 points were included it would mean I could create all the rules I wanted!


  4. Dan says:

    Latest update broke my rules. I had one (Power On) with a Power Connected trigger that turned on WiFi and bluetooth, turned off airplane mode and set the screen to never timeout, and one (Power Off) with a Power Disconnected trigger that turned off WiFi and bluetooth, turned on airplane mode and set the screen timeout to 5 seconds. The Power Off rule was on a 5 second delay and could be cancelled by triggering the Power On rule.

    When I try to manually trigger the rules, it tells me an error occurred. When I disconnect the device from power, it counts down to 1 second on the delay for my Power Off rule, and tells me Automate It Pro has stopped. Connecting the device does not trigger my rule other than canceling the delay for my Power Off rule, which freezes.

    I am running Android 4.2.2 on a Nexus 7. I will try rewriting the rules again, but as of now, Automate It Pro broke with the latest Automate It Pro update (was running great before).

    • AutomateIt says:

      Please send us an email using the “Support” button on the “More…” menu of the app as soon as possible after you experience that error.

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