New release – Features requested by users

Another update for AutomateIt was just released to the Play Store. for this update we set the focus on users requests as published on our feature request forum.

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Call Answered

Call State TriggerOne of the features requested by several users (Both on emails and here) is to trigger rules when a call is answered and not just when ringing or dialing a number. This update adds a new state for the “Call State Trigger” that can be used to set that trigger when an incoming call is answered and when an outgoing call is initiated.

Use Wifi network SSID

Multiple feature requests have been posted on our forums to use only the SSID of a network instead of its MAC Address to support areas where a network has the same name but multiple access points (See here, here or here). With this update, a new parameter is added to the “Wifi Network Connection State Trigger” and allows you to set “Use SSID” flag to only consider the network name and not its address.

Use SSID Parameter

Use SSID Parameter

Activity Recognition Confidence Level

The Activity Recognition Trigger was introduced as an experimental feature just a month ago, and this update includes our first enhancement to that trigger. From users feedback and from continuous testing, it appears that the trigger was a bit too sensitive so this update adds a new parameter named “Confidence Level”.

Confidence Level

Confidence Level

Settings this parameter gives you more control over the sensitivity of the trigger so in case you feel it is too sensitive, set the confidence level to “High”, but if you feel that it doesn’t launch when it should then set it to “Low” or “Very Low”.

The confidence level was also added to the rule log so you can see what activity is identified by AutomateIt and in which confidence level.

  • High confidence means that there is over 95% certainty that the identified activity is correct
  • Normal – Over 75%
  • Low – Over 55%
  • Very Low – Over 35%

Bug Fixes

  • Tweet rules from the rules market
  • Don’t show popups for delayed execution if set to NO
  • Stability improvements



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26 comments on “New release – Features requested by users
  1. Diddy says:

    Automateit Staff:

    You could set a “Composite And Or” trigger for multiple sensors, but this isn’t necessary is it? Why waste battery when only one or (two) sensors of yours (developer’s) choosing, because us simpletons can’t make up from down when it comes to the sensor titles.

    We could guess… is that perhaps why you suggest using a composite trigger with ALL of the sensor functions?

    • AutomateIt says:

      This is not recommended to use all sensors in a composite trigger. You only need to find the one that fits your needs

  2. mengchyi says:

    I would like to trigger by any activity, or “not” still. Currently, the Activity Recognition Trigger support Vehicle, Bicycle, Still… but no Any Activity and AutomateIt doesn’t support “not” an existing trigger. Is it possible to support trigger by any activity? Thanks.

  3. James says:

    Hi, I’m a pro user, and was wondering if a ring / notification tone change actiom could be added.


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