New Release – Gmail integration and purchase points

We have just released another update to the Play Store with several very cool features.

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Purchase points (Free version only)

Our free version users can use points to enhance their AutomateIt experience by unlocking Pro features or downloading rules from the rules market. As of this new release points can be purchased from the “Add Points” button on the “Unlock Features” dialog.

Purchase Points

Purchase Points Dialog

New Gmail Trigger

New Gmail TriggerThis trigger allows you to use your Gmail account as a trigger. The trigger monitors a selected label on your Gmail account and is launched whenever a new message is added (or marked as unread) in that label.
To make the most out of this trigger it’s recommended that you create labels and assign filters to organize your inbox and categorize messages.
You can use this trigger to show a special notification upon receipt of a new a message from family members, important messages from work or messages with specific text in the subject or email body.

New Gmail Trigger

New Gmail Trigger

Send Gmail Action

Send Gmail ActionThe “Send Gmail Action” can be used to send a pre-defined email to a list of recipients using your gmail accounts that are configured on the device.
For many users, using the “Send SMS Action” was not an option as it is not available on tablets or could cost money to send a message. For this purpose, sending an email is a perfect solution.
When configuring the action, you are required to select the Gmail account that will be used to send the message. AutomateIt does not require your Gmail account password and instead it uses the built-in functionality to connect with your Gmail account on the device using a standard permission request to use your Gmail to send outgoing messages.
After selecting the Gmail account you can define the list of recipients, subject and email body. You can use all the keywords AutomateIt supports (See below) and use HTML tags in the sent message body.

Send Gmail Action Permission Request

Send Gmail Action Permission Request

SMS Keywords

AutomateIt already supports keywords that can be used in several action such as “Send SMS Action”. This new version adds two keywords:

  • Last SMS Content – This will take the content of the last SMS received on the device
  • Last SMS Sender – This will take the name of the contact who sent the last SMS (If can be found on the device contact list) or will contain the phone number in case the contact is unknown.
SMS Keywords

Select keyword dialog

To take advantage of the new features introduced in the new release, you can download the following rule from the Rules Market to forward all received SMS messages to your Gmail:

Forward SMS to email by AutomateIt Team
Forward all my SMS to gmail

AutomateIt Beta Users Group

We recently launched an exclusive users group that receives early updates of the app, before they are released publicly on the Google  Play Store. For more details check out this post and join our beta users group.



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13 comments on “New Release – Gmail integration and purchase points
  1. Rosscom73 says:

    Hi, I’m not able to send an email in the “action” tab. After selected the email address the sw says I have to confirm it clicking it again but nothing happens! Why?

    • AutomateIt says:

      This was resolved in one of the latest update. Please make sure you have the latest version from the Play Store and try again

  2. Vince says:

    no option to send (new) mail to tts engine?

    like trigger: new mail, take subject and/or msg to var, as with sms…

    • AutomateIt says:

      That would require access to your Gmail inbox and is not supported by Google (Except for getting the number of items in a folder which is supported)

  3. EgyAngelo says:

    1st Thanks so much for your great effort and output.

    I really like the program and i’m spreading it like a mad man.

    it would be nice if there was a trigger that defines that Mobile Network is Down, or where you are not connected to any Cell ID or you are out of coverage area. which is seen with the network with the X mark over it.

  4. Adam says:

    I know there is a plugin that allows you to set actions that use your camera. Is it possible to pair this with the send email action in order to send pictures the phone just took? I would like to add this to my “lost phone” rule that sends me an email with it’s location (and if possible a picture) upon getting a text with contents “lost”

  5. Nuno says:

    I’d like to knew if possible to integrate other apps. Rules on other apps.

  6. Andrew says:

    You don’t have Enable/Disable Wi-Fi Hotspot as an action?

  7. Bambang Suriawan says:

    I already unlock most of the feature before I uninstall AutomateIt (I have problem so I must uninstall it)…now I want to install it again. Will my status like before (unlock most of the feature)? I think you can check the email registered…or I must tweet again to unlock one by one? thanks.

    • AutomateIt says:

      Once you register to the rules market, using the same email you used before, all your unlocked features should be available

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