New Release – Rich notification, Unlock Pro features and more

A new update to AutomateIt was just released and it has some great new features for you.

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Gain points by inviting friends

Inviting your friends to AutomateIt is both fun and rewarding. 10 points are awarded for every invited user that installs and starts using AutomateIt.

How do you invite users ? very easy – just click the “Invite” option from the popup menu on AutomateIt main screen and send the invite to your friends.

AutomateIt Invite

AutomateIt main screen menu

Unlock Pro Features

Points gained through invitations, sharing or uploading rules to the market can be used by AutomateIt Free users to unlock features that are available on AutomateIt Pro.

AutomateIt unlock features dialog

Unlock features dialog

Rich Notifications

AutomateIt Service now shows a list of the latest rules that were launched, letting you know what AutomateIt is doing for you:

AutomateIt Service rich notification

Another notification that got a facelift is the delayed execution notification, which now allows you to manually launch or cancel the execution of the delayed rule by using the “Play” or “X” buttons:

AutomateIt delayed execution rich notification

Please note that rich notifications are only supported for Honeycomb, ICS and Jelly Bean.

New Languages

After a long wait, Japanese and Korean is now fully supported.

To contribute to translation of your language please visit TranslateIt.



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27 comments on “New Release – Rich notification, Unlock Pro features and more
  1. jojo says:

    I am not using the pro version. but I have unlocked some pro features. but when i’ve upgraded my phone from Gingerbread to ICS. It’s gone…. How can I Fix this? Please reply… Thanks!

    • AutomateIt says:

      Since your unlocked features are tied to your AutomateIt account, you need to register to the Rules Market on the new device with the same email address as on the old device and this should unlock your features.

  2. Miro says:

    I purchased the pro as well and it is a nice app, but I would really appriciate the possibility to toggle hotspot/tether. I need it in my car for the internet in my android car audio… And for the tablet it is a good idea as well.

    If I can vote for this to be put a little bit higher in the long list for next updates it would be nice.


  3. Marcus says:

    Is it possible to have a trigger for a network connection state of ‘out of range’? ie. turn on wifi but if my home wifi is out of range it turns off again? Thanks

  4. Stefan says:

    I purchased the Pro version today and I it works really well. Thanks about that!
    However I miss some features:
    1) I didn’t find a way to toggle the hotspot/tethering. I want to turn on the mobile hotspot, when I am away from home, so that I can use my smartphone as a access point for my tablet PC.
    2) I don’t want just to turn on WiFi but to connect to a certain WiFi network, if there are multiple networks available.

    Is there any chance, that you add this features to your app?


    • AutomateIt says:

      1) This is already on our (long…) feature list for next updates. Can’t say exactly when this will be implemented.
      2) This is controlled by Android. It automatically connects to an available network.

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