New Release – Share Rules and Gain Points

Check out our new release!

In this release we introduce our new exciting App Icon, a new “Open URL” action, some bug fixes and improvements and a new method for gaining points for the Rules Market.

Now you can easily share your favorite rules from the market on your Facebook / Twitter, directly from the rule toolbar or as part of downloading, and gain 3 points per share.

Go and share – spread the rules creativity and let your friends start enjoying the AutomateIt experience.



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34 comments on “New Release – Share Rules and Gain Points
  1. davidw says:

    It would be great to be able to sequentially execute actions. For example, if I want to turn up the TTS volume temporarily, execute a TTS rule, then turn the volume back down to “normal”, how do I do this (see trick at end)?

    With the Composite actions, all actions are executed simultaneously, so the volume would be turned up and then immediately back down.

    If an action sequence is not easy/possible, then a per-action time delay would help, and/or a rule to execute another rule when the first rule is complete. Both of these would significantly expand on the functionality of this app.

    I have found a trick that can simulate a per action time delay, but it requires a separate rule for the action. Here’s what I did to turn up TTS volume, play the TTS text, and turn it back down:

    1. Create a rule with a composite AND action which turns up the TTS volume to max, AND plays the TTS, AND enables a second rule which will turn the volume back down.

    2. In the second rule, create a recurring event trigger which recurs at a rate which is a little longer than it takes to say the text (for example 5 seconds).
    3. Add a composite AND action to the second rule which turns the volume back down AND disables the rule (i.e. disables itself).

    It’s a hack, but it works. Can we get timed actions and rules that execute other rules?

    • davidw says:

      In step 2 of the trick, you need to set the delayed execution to something longer than the length of time to say the text. I found that the recurring event is executed immediately, and the executed at the recurring interval. Therefore, I set the recurring interval to something large (x days) just in case the rule didn’t get disabled for some reason.

    • AutomateIt says:


      We might consider adding this kind of feature in the future.

      for now you did a creative “hack”. i would like to suggest you another option that might be better:

      use 2 rules with the same trigger, first rule will increase volume and play tts and second rule will decrease volume back but with delayed execution of X.

      • David says:

        Yes. I corrected this in a subsequent post that hasn’t been approved yet. I also uploaded a “vol up tts part 1” and “… part2” rule as an example.

        • David says:

          I didn’t read your post carefully. That does sound better since it doesn’t involve stopping the recurring event. Thanks!

      • David says:

        I found that using the recurring event rule method is better in situations where you want to reuse the rule to perform the same action for other “part1” rules. Then you don’t have to create a new rule that has the same trigger conditions.

  2. David Wallace says:

    There needs to be a way of controlling the text-to-speech volume

    • David Wallace says:

      OK, I see it is controlled by the music stream, but so is the music, games, etc on my phone. Can TTS be a separate stream in Android?

  3. Don says:

    I am trying to create some MPL Accelerometer triggers that will turn ON/OFF Bluetooth. I want to turn Bluetooth on when I put Galaxy S3 Jellybean 4.1.1 into cup holder in my car, where is lies almost upright, so it links to hands free device. I want to turn it off when it sits flat on my desk at home.
    1) For Action BT ON I use MPL Acc, Sensor state RECORD, Sensitivity 5%, Sample rate Normal and time 3.0 sec.
    2) For Action BT OFF I use MPL Acc, Sensor Face Up, Sensitivity 5%, Sample rate Normal and time 10 sec.

    It actually works, however it only does each on or off only one time. I have to disable and enable the rules manually or Turn off cellphone power and restart for them to work just once.

    Any ideas how to make these triggers happen more than once, like I want to turn BT on everytime it is almost upright, and turn BT off every time it lies faceup.

    Thank You

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