New release – Vibrate Pattern and Tablet support

Another exciting update for AutomateIt was just released to the Play Store.
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Enhanced Vibrate Action

Vibrate ActionThis update includes a significant improvement for the “Vibrate Action” which allows you to define a vibrate pattern instead of a single vibrate time. This allows to to get creative and sett different vibrate patterns for various triggers to identify calls from specific contacts, reminders and many more.

Defining a vibrate pattern is very easy and requires setting vibrate time followed by pause time (each ranging from 100 ms to 1 sec).

You can have as many “Vibrate” or “Pause”  operations as you’d like by clicking the “Add” button as can be seen on the following screenshot.

Vibrate pattern

Vibrate pattern

Created an interesting vibrate pattern ? Please share it as a rule on the Rules Market so others can easily use it.

Improved Tablet Support

AutomateIt already supports tablets (both 7-inch and 10-inch) but this update takes it a step further and  makes it look even better on these devices. Check out the screenshots on the Play Store, or even better – download AutomateIt on your Tablet !



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10 comments on “New release – Vibrate Pattern and Tablet support
  1. CHonorof says:

    I love your app!!! Just need one thing to make it truly perfect. Is there a way to make an action occur due to a day of the week without a time (i.e. Saturday set to be not in “work” mode until sunday) A time range instead of a set time? So if one triggure happens (getting into the car settings) and when it ends (getting out of the car) the app would know what state to return too.

  2. John Lacson says:

    Hi, love your app. But on my tablet, the Cell ID trigger is missing. I have a 3G/LTE Xperia

  3. Guhl says:

    It would be good to be able to set any value i like also for silence. 1000 ms is too low for vibration, and 100ms is too high for silence.
    1000ms… hah! If you have your phone in your pocket, and ride a bike on a bad quality road you have to feeeeeel the vibration, as you cant hear the ringing…
    Come on, please set the values to free (or at least silence: min 20ms and vibration: 25-30sec max)

  4. Akira1856 says:

    I want to set the vibrating time to any value like the old way. But now I can only use discrete value capped at 1000ms.

    • AutomateIt says:

      You can add as many vibrations as you wish so it’s basically unlimited

      • Akira1856 says:

        I see. Still I cannot set the value below 100ms. Actually I have used some 50ms vibration to make it distinguishable from a general notification.

        • AutomateIt says:

          Correct. You can set it to use the following pattern (Vibrate 100ms;Pause 100ms;Vibrate 100ms) so it would still be short but will be different from the standard vibration

  5. Akira1856 says:


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