New Release – Weather trigger

A new update to AutomateIt was just released and introduces a new and exceptional trigger that allows you to define rules based upon the weather forecast at your location or a pre-defined location.
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Weather Trigger

This new trigger is based upon data received from Nooly Micro Weather service that aims to provide the most accurate weather forecast, in 5 minutes intervals allowing you to be notified minutes before rain starts.

Using this new trigger you can create rules based upon expected precipitation or temperature at your location or a pre-defined location.

Nooly weather trigger screenshot

Nooly weather trigger screenshot

Nooly currently supports only U.S. and Canadian locations (see coverage area at the image below). Those of you outside of the supported area can use this trigger to monitor locations of interest, such as the default location which is the location of the Android statues at Google HQ.

Nooly service supported area

Nooly service supported area



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7 comments on “New Release – Weather trigger
  1. Petr M. says:


    how can i use a weather rule in AutomateIT?
    Is it functionally in Europe locations with new provider?

    I tried to set few rules, but it does not work 🙁

    Can you help me please?

    Thanks, regards
    Petr M.

  2. Daniel says:

    Can’t you use the google calendar weather information? Or is there any shell implementation? You could create a prototype using shell plugin, and the user could add his specific location and get weather updates…

  3. Eystein says:


    Real nice trigger, but when will it support the rest of the world?

    • AutomateIt says:

      This depends on the availability of the Nooly service and currently we can’t say when it will be available outside the US and Canada.

  4. yohei says:

    Hi, I’ve been using your automateIT. It’s very really useful. Thank you for developing this.
    However I found one strange point at your free version. I unlock “cancel delayed execution by trigger” but it seems that nothing happened. I thought some new configuration would appear on rule detail page. But nothing appeared.

    Can you tell me the right way to use cancel by trigger? or is it a kind of bug?

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