If you visited our feature request forum, you can see tons of great ideas for new triggers and actions that would make AutomateIt even more powerful than it already is.

The only problem with implementing all of these creative suggestions is that it would also make AutomateIt much more complicated to understand and use.

In order to keep on improving AutomateIt and allow advanced users to choose more complex triggers and actions, while still keeping it simple and easy to use for all, AutomateIt now supports plugins which can be used to extend its capabilities as you desire.

Plugins ? What is it ???

ic_action_pluginPlugins are applications you can download from the Google Play Store and simply by installing it, you add new actions and triggers that you can use within AutomateIt. Sounds easy, right ?

When you install a plugin and launch the plugin application, it shows you the triggers and actions that are available with the plugin.


Once the plugin is installed, actions and triggers are added to a dedicated section in the list of available triggers and actions within AutomateIt, allowing you to create rules that use the plugin functionality.


When the plugin trigger or action is selected you can edit its properties just like any other trigger or action within AutomateIt.


The following plugins are available for you on the Play Store:

LIFX Plugin

LIFX plugin icon

Control your LIFX bulbs with AutomateIt. Automatically turn on the lights when you get home or when you wake up, set the mood by changing the light colors at night and more.. Click here to get your LIFX bulb.

Click here to download

Pressy Plugin

Want to make the most of your Pressy? That’s easy. Just use this plugin and connect your Pressy to AutomateIt by using it as a trigger to toggle settings, make calls, send messages, start applications and a lot more. Click here to get your Pressy.

Click here to download

Screen on/off & lock Plugin

Use this plugin to turn on/off your screen. The screen off action also instantly activates you screen lock. You can also use the screen off & lock action to create a widget that locks the screen if your power button is broken.

Click here to download

Waze Plugin

ic_launcherThis plugin connects AutomateIt to Waze app and allows you to automatically start navigation or exit the Waze app (Same as using the “Switch off” option within the Waze app)

Click here to download

Flashlight Plugin

ic_launcherThis plugin adds flashlight control to AutomateIt – turn it on/off or make it blink any desired pattern with Morse code !

Click here to download

Camera Plugin

ic_launcherTake pictures with your device’ camera (front or back) as an action with AutomateIt.
This plugin adds a dedicated action to AutomateIt to take pictures using your deveice’ camera.

Click here to download

Hotspot Plugin

ic_launcherUse your device as a mobile wifi hotspot with AutomateIt.
This plugin adds a dedicated action to AutomateIt to Turn on and off your WiFi hotspot.
Click here to download

Shell Plugin

ic_launcherThis plugin adds a dedicated action to AutomateIt to run any shell command. The command can be run as regular user or root (on supporting devices).

Click here to download

Facebook Plugin

ic_launcherThis plugin adds dedicated actions to AutomateIt that allows you to post status updates or stories to your Facebook timeline, using all of AutomateIt triggers.

Click here to download

Podcast Addict Plugin

ic_launcherIf you are a Podcast Addict fan, you are going to like this one – This plugin adds a dedicated action to AutomateIt to control your podcasts playback, updates and other functions within the podcast addict app.

Click here to download

263 comments on “Plugins
  1. Darrel D. says:

    Is it possible to create a plug-in that monitors RAM usage? I would like to create a rule to run Clean Master phone boost when RAM usage exceeds a set threshold, like 80 percent.

  2. ritesh patel says:

    is there any plugins to trigger on/off widget or specific action in any app.
    I want to trigger screen recorder when ever someone unlock the device.

    • AutomateIt says:

      You can’t launch widgets but shortcuts are already supported. You can try using that in some cases (depends on the external app)

  3. Javi says:

    The Hotspot plugin does not activate me when I go on this gray. My phone is a Huawei P8

  4. Liam says:

    Hello I would like to set the phone automatically to “plane mode” so that when at night it’s charging the phone goes into plane mode automatic. Any way to do this??

    • AutomateIt says:

      Since Google changed a few things with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), Toggling Airplane mode is only supported on rooted devices.

  5. Raquel Byrnes says:

    I want to create an auto reply to all texts that come in while my phone has all volumes off. For example when I turn all my volumes off I’m usually in a meeting or asleep. Am I able to do that?

    • AutomateIt says:

      You can use the “Active Period” feature to make sure the rule is active when it is silent, and have it reply to all SMS messages with a pre-defined message.
      Alternatively, you can use the “Calendar Trigger” to do the same while in meetings

  6. Madmax says:

    Is it possible to control microphone and use it to automate ring volume, something similar to auto adjust volume according to ambient noise level.

    • AutomateIt says:

      No. this is not supported. Since this would require constantly listening to the microphone, it may have significant impact on your battery

  7. Nelson Lopez says:

    Is there a kill app action?

  8. greenwolf007 says:

    facebook plugin not available in Japan ???

  9. cesar duran says:

    Could you add a trigger when connected to specific wifi ssid?

    Also I was wondering if a whatsapp plugin will be devoleped so I can send scheduled messages?

    • AutomateIt says:

      Wifi SSID is already supported with the “Wifi Network Connection State Trigger”

      WHatsapp plugin would be great, but there is no support from Whatsapp to 3rd-party apps integrating into Whatsapp

  10. Jaclyn says:

    I read a reply to another comment that suggested refreshing plugins from settings and that worked for me.

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