Wi-Fi OFF - if away from network
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Wifi Network Connection State Trigger

Set Wifi State Action

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"Gosulkhan" (gosulkhan47)
"Very helpful." (srkumar1008)
"sry but when I switch WiFi off manually, the rule come active and drain battery usefully like localisation. See my rule "WiFi off - over range"" (RobbyBtheOriginal)
"I need a trigger for when no open Wi-Fi is accessible" (cowboywolfjj)
"you can solve that by crearon a rule that trigers WiFi on when you are negar a location, doung that through gps forma example" (argdiver)
"How to solve the return of return from outside at this rule, when WiFi is off?! But in that way a very great idea." (crazy-rat)
"Muito Ăștil" (xtendedsis)