Where is my phone?
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SMS With Text Trigger

Send SMS Action

Ever forgot your phone and wish to just ping it and get a location response? Now you can! With this rule you can send your device a SMS with the text "lost" and get a reply SMS with the last known location and battery status. To reply to the SMS sender you can search the market for the rule "Where are you ???"

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"You need internet access to locate your device! Almost not useful...." (Sequoia)
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"sounds good but My rule adds a loudly played song (played as a ringer) so thieves cant shut it off until Biggee Smalls is done playin. seriously tho. i have a phone screamer added on" (welchini1966)
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"hi, i kinda work on the same anti-theft rules. plese give some feedback to my rules. just searh '5o5' (without the ') at rules market. thx." (longor)
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"@fortheperfectyou, Make sure SMS notification is not blocked if using GO SMS or Handcent SMS. visit the FAQ page at http://automateitapp.com for details" (AutomateIt Team)
"What if the phone is lost inside the house you're in? What if the GPS is turned off? IMHO, look instead at the "Ultimate Lost Rule"" (supercopter)
"nice" (方丈)
"will give five star for fix. I use go SMS and its not triggering I can't find a work around and refuse to use standard text app. on nexus 4 android 4.2.2 build JDQ39 pinkvixenclothing@gmail.com thanks in advance I'll let you know if I solve it" (fortheperfectyou)
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"I can never remember the trigger term so I included multiple triggers with every trigger term I could think of. " (bobroseman.br)
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"This is great as long as gps is turned on. need a way to enable gps from a txt as well." (tysonion01)
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"Best rule. May write my text sms." (alexshnup)
"you lost it !" (Nitish)
"bad rule ! the GOOD one should be "answering" to the question from any phone call, and not only to ONE, preselected. But doesn'nt seem possible with this application..." (jeanaideuxautres)
"Great to have " (marco.berenschot)
"Not working. Sent a mail to support+left a facebook message. Almost a week and got no response " (adiel91)
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