GPS on when maps starts
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GPS Active State Trigger

Start Application Action

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"It's the wrong way, Gps should turn on when starting maps..." (mirko.o.mueller)
"It should be the other way around, activate GPS after Maps is started" (guydadon22)
"Really what I am looking for !!!" (Prathyush)
"Trigger should be maps. Action should be gps" (xpgenius)
"hi" (
"works wrong" (alonchokler)
"why is this still here when it's wrong? how many years? ffs" (tokyoelbow)
"this has the trigger and action the wrong way round" (sirfil)
"0611427374" (liwsigi)
"Va al contrario " (peich444)
"Doesn't turn on GPS. Google won't let anything as useful as that happen. " (
"incorrect name" (mat.volfik)
"wrong name/description" (Gorrdonn)
"bom" (junio.rodriques.35)
"incorrectly named" (ngerstenlauer)
"A descrição da regra está errada. Na realidade o que essa regra faz é : APÓS LIGAR O GPS O APLICATIVO MAPS ABRE SOZINHO. " (urly4real)
"no funciona en lollipop" (gonzalogalajf)
"Better I used Tasker cause I dont need to rooted my phone " (runesavex)
"doesn't work." (aroma231)
"it doesn't work..." (sanji791208)
"Don't work note 3 lollipop.." (masterrafis)
"got it backwards! location on triggers maps. " (risensun)
"Enciende mapas despues del gps no al contrario" (rafa082009)
"Your phone needs to be ROOTED! " (vaultdweller7)
"waking up" (jnjoerems)
"Wrong title, it must be the other way around. " (rafakelao)
"I have rule that you open map in my case waze and it turns on gps and when you close map (waze) it turns off gps. I'm sure you can do it with any map. p.s. I'm rooted. rule name is gps map" (kai)
"I have this same rule. Please note you must be rooted to use the GPS toggle action" (bvilleblaze65)
"test " (dark99wg)
"wrong title " (b0b)
"Great idea but don't work for Note 3." (ili)
"only root" (jonathasx)
"should be other way around. cause when going this way the terrier starts maps application continuously, as GPS is turned on. this drains battery." (shamsk)
"Awesome idea, and you can't do it the other way around cause you can't automate GPS to go off and on. " (Amatyi1)
"Work on Samsung Galaxy Y Cool :)" (SkY-_-UA)
"good" (Mirouf)
"Would work better the other way round - Start Maps, GPS On - but how do you do that?!" (mark.trist1981)
"good" (arasso)
"muy util" (DevilNorko)
"very usefull" (Rod)
"Great rule. " (MistyRose)
"This app has been able to activate GPS when start map. but now it is not available OTL." (bcwon12)
"For the other users, this kind of rules requires to be rooted, because non-rooted smartphones can't have access to the GPS triggering by automatism (sorry for my english, hope you'll understand) " (Bobz)
"doesn't work on G2" (rb)
"la regle est a l'envers!" (superpepito)
"great" (phjilek36)
"There is no action for gps on or off.. This rule will not work. AutomateIt doesn't have this option" (turbo2tonos)
"huh doesn't work.. " (bm.alit)
"It is backwards dude..." (MadDog Barone)
"Non funziona su S2. sarebbe utile il contrario. Accendo maps e si attiva il gps! " (martino)
"non funziona galaxy s3" (mauro.rizzi.81)
"rule and action get reversed" (emon)
"Should be "maps start when GPS triggered" " (st.nick1993)
"this action isnt have it the other way around" (scuba)
"Great rule " (Beto)
"muy util" (J)
"trigger and action are reversed" (isharra)
"not working on nexus 4" (jorg78)
"Shouldn't this be the other way around?" (Jacques)
"Not working on Note 2" (ant3chris)
"does not work with galaxy note 2" (isteve)