I'm falling! Ouch!
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Sensor Trigger

Composite Action

Makes the phone say ouch, when it is dropped accidentally (or on purpose). Hilarious...don't drop your phone. I can't be responsible of you break your phone dropping it to test this one. :-)

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"Hilarious idea, however it triggers too easily with current settings, anytime I move my phone. perhaps it's just with my particular phone. if I understood settings and tweaked them, it may work great and be funny anytime you dropped it!" (kjspann1)
"Bad thing, only said ouch, and we were all wake up." (petulakulina)
"won't work. I even tried making adjustments (like changing the time/sensitivity) to try to make it work. " (kinyonster)
"I like this but I am modifying it." (Gokul Balasu)
"always says that irrelevantly" (razer)
"haha,its funny" (KK)
"its great !" (rasuah55)
"doesnt work!!" (mehdidots)
"Sounds like fun! " (mrnaughty)
"I like the idea. I'm using this and writing my own :D" (ryanodine)
"like !" (fotoshy1)
"doesn't work for me" (cjmccormick)
"it is so cool!" (Duzzi)
"It's great and my 2 year old son loves it!" (varney1987)
"funny" (lufrao)
"It's great." (rafamarozzi)
"Don't work" (kubinec.michal)
"Love this idea!" (gamerchris360)
"Very nice))" (dove1)