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Text to Speech Action

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"doesn't work " (canole1983)
"bella" (milininicola96)
"Muito boa" (Jonas Diones)
"I love it when my phone greets me." (joshuajward)
"fun!!!!!! good idea!" (ineza)
"good effort" (shreenath784)
"還可以這樣用啊!good" (andyemome)
"Hi" (MistyRose)
"Ça sert a rien. C'est inutile ." (adid45130)
"Is this for Stevie Wonder or what? " (longhornbob)
"I agree :D" (Dataxia)
"non pronuncia niente aspetto consigli" (lorenzo.bruno)
"Me gusta por leer el texto asignado." (LuisHdez)
"funny idea!" (grantos)