GSM Spy Machine *ROOT*
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Call State Trigger

Plugin Action

When you call on this phone, call will autoaccept and you will hear what happens on phone's side! *ROOT ONLY* SHELL PLUGIN REQUIRED

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"so when you call a specific person it automatically accepts without them knowing?" (ThatGamerJonah)
"Super" (marcel.cmorik)
"Very Good and usefull...Thx Buddy." (HUMVEE (Bryan Kenzo))
"nice" (shaikhmdjohar)
"good" (demoranews)
"vertu good " (mercury20101010)
"This is awesome!" (Sequoia)
"good idea" (cuneytguzel)
"nice app" (shinsu13)
"great idea" (waveboy2u)
"Good idea!" (wgrib12)
"Works brilliant! Just try it" (david8)