WiFi On, Mobile data Off
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Wifi Network Connection State Trigger

Set Mobile Data Action

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"Does not work " (jfar1)
"nice" (shuvo588250)
"отлично" (sergey)
"énorme !!!" (deaqon88)
"非常好用" (mustafaguldez)
"Good" (adapasa1051)
"it's awesome for real" (daggieblanqx)
"Cool" (ekrim02)
"legal" (lehjandroansuz)
"Great and useful rule. Thank you. " (zetas125)
"Non funziona" (pilialvu75)
"Very impressive" (rakjpk1183)
"excellent" (sofiane.louiba)
"good" (hhhai0304)
"it's not about data stopping but about battery saving. Android doesn't take care of that. so very useful indeed" (bvschalm)
"Great rule. Ignore those that don't understand how Android actually operates. When you connect to WiFi with mobile data still enabled, those radios are still on and use considerably more power than low range WiFi does. Thanks for the useful rule!" (ericmann63)
"terbaik" (azrnsyh)
"nice" (chinoyan)
"I made a this rule as well. this rule disables the 3g 4g radios it simply dosent ignore them like default settings " (Overlord_Laharl)
"My understanding is that Android devices already take care of this. If data is enabled and Wi-Fi is connected then Wi-Fi takes precedent thus saving your data minutes. That being the case, this is not only redundant but uses more battery." (longhornbob)
"Great, very usefull" (S.S)
"no need do it by automateit. Android do itself. " (justinliao7928)
"fg" (dangcay)
"Great idea" (pureferret)
"very usefull" (ian)
"android do it automatically without your useless rule." (serjiklemon)
"bien" (Servando)
"good" (Zkokozaw)
"useful" (littlemick)
"Great" (brenopapito)
"Great for save data" (caballon)
"רעיון מעולה " (doron cz)