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Location Trigger

Set Wifi State Action

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"Awesome" (ca458461@gmail.com)
"非常实用" (zhupeijun0410)
" " (kent5bfs)
" " (Célien)
"god" (felipegcl98)
"co the same time" (micmic1666)
"otimo" (jacksonsantos767)
"good" (jricica)
"Found this set of rules (leaving and returning) didn't work as we have a dodgy WiFi that drops out plus it constantly notified me while starting my phone" (liandra789)
"Awesome" (meganwoda)
"so easy" (vince.ian.asian)
"need" (philip)
"did not work" (meg.cuan)
"great" (Dimitrius)
"nice" (natho)
"Perfekt " (ebschk64)
"Works awesome, for the people that say it doesn't work you have to click the globe for it to get your location. " (Amatyi1)
"Excellent... Works like a charm! " (sandy)
"cool.. " (mtc)
"geest rule" (raimond.goes)
"Very useful - thank you! " (drvpaul)
"works great!! Found phone and saved a lot on a replacement" (Joe)
"ghy" (panhia)
"mobilywifiWR" (chjaveed1102@gmail.com)
"(y)" (hentai007)
"super" (rafeekonline)
"Works" (ixora)
"Needs composite action to work for multiple locations" (cabalGr)
"very useful if you always forget to tirn gps off when not needed" (winol)
"just doesn't work !!" (witoon98)
"Does not work... " (bernds)