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Composite OR Trigger

Set Mobile Data Action

This rule launches Mobile Data when opening certain apps. This is useful when you have disabled Mobile Data but begin using apps that require it. This rule can be manually enabled or enabled upon loss of Wifi connectivity. See my other rules called "Periodic Mobile Data On ", " Periodic Mobile Data Off ", " Wifi Disconnected", and " Wifi Connected". Together, these five rules help automatically manage Wifi and mobile data to reduce battery drain.

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Required Apps
Maps - Navigation & Transit Install
TweetCaster Pro for Twitter Install
App not found on Play Store Install
Dolphin Browser - Fast, Private & AdblockšŸ¬ Install
Gmail Install
K-9 Mail Install
Foursquare City Guide Install
Glympse - Share GPS location Install
Shazam Install
App not found on Play Store Install
Hangouts Install
Path Install
Weather Elite by WeatherBug Install

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"Trying same, but want data condition check before launching apps. Getting circular ref. Devs should check this as state condition check is standard programming." (shapeshift_r)