Data off when screen is off
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Screen Off Trigger

Set Mobile Data Action

This rule saves lots of battery power together with the law "Data on when screen is on"

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"it shut my data off and it won't turn on again" (jmkupik)
"Awesome...thx buddy" (HUMVEE (Bryan Kenzo))
"great" (glen)
"gute regel" (simolation)
"pretty good, it would be smarter to change to enable data for example for one minute after five minutes, this way mails would come thru and still gain pretty good powersaving." (jartsuli)
"我感觉这个应用没有什么价值,关闭移动数据后QQ就不能联网了" (lenge)
"good" (icetwig)
"zaas" (
"Useful." (takku)
"excellent" (loobcom)
"wow" (copyright by Curi - Core3D)
"cool" (intrépide)
"super" (cogsoghio)
"sweet" (krisla1)
"good" (khuchatthienduong)
"I love it" (roynoris15)
"conveniente" (russ)
"Muy buena " (Serghein)