Screen off = WiFi off (1 of 3)
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Screen Off Trigger

Set Wifi State Action

When I'm done using the internet, I often turn off the display forgetting to turn the WiFi off. So, I created this 3-part rule to turn off the WiFi when the display is off for more than 5 minutes. (To increase the time before this rule kicks in, you can change the time to delay the execution.) This is rule 1 of 3 rules. To avoid frustration with the free AutomateIt version, please use all 3 rules. You need rule 2 to disable the delayed execution of this rule in case you turn on your display before 5 minutes. And you need rule 3 to enable the disabled rule 1 so that the WiFi turns off when the display turns off again. So, if you install this rule, please remember to install these 2 rules also: 'Screen off = WiFi off (2 of 3)' & 'Screen off = WiFi off (3 of 3)'. Thanks.

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