Wifi at home - turns on wifi at home (1BCD)
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Cell ID Trigger

Set Wifi State Action

This rule is part of a set of four rules to connect/disconnect wifi at home or another determined location without using Wifi or GPS proximity triggers, saving you battery life. 1. "Wifi at home - Turns on wifi at home (1BCD)" This rule uses cell trigger to turn on the wifi adapter on your phone when you get to an area you determine. When my network is in range it then automatically connects to my network. You will have to add your cell tower(s) to this rule. I actually use two cell towers for triggers. By not having my wifi or GPS (proximity trigger) on all the time when not needed, this saves battery life. Might not be useful if you do everything (work, school, sleep, etc) in the same cell tower area. 2. "Leave home? Wifi off (A2CD)" will turn off your wifi adapter once you leave your "home" cell tower(s), saving you battery life because it is not searching for networks using the wifi adapter. You can still manually turn on your wifi adapter when you go places with wifi. To keep Rule 1 from continuing to advise you that it is activated... 3. After your wifi network is connected, "Disable rule 'wifi at home' after connected. (AB3D)" This stops first rule from continuing. 4. "Enable Rule 'Wifi at home' when disconnected (ABC4)" turns Rule 1 back on in the event you get disconnected from your network. **Search 1BCD, A2CD, AB3D, ABC4 to get all the rules.

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