Bluetooth on when device connected
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Bluetooth Device Connected Trigger

Set Bluetooth State Action

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"Useless" (dagnilak)
":-):-):-)" (wussy trudged Madoff)
"doesn have any sense - if you are connected, Bluetooth is already on" (mat.volfik)
"There is an error " (iscio)
"BT must be turned on to connect device" (miqueletti)
"bluetooth must be on for a device to connect." (Marshmallow)
"lol. %~♢" (marianobaffi)
"useless" (cbaldan)
"entrar no carro." (kaue)
"derrr" (CJD)
"Useless. Blue tooth must be on to connect in the first place. " (Anthony)
"nul" (Wazaaah)