Ultimate Lost Rule

by supercopter

Lost your smartphone? Borrow a phone and send to your precious "lost" by SMS. Your phone will vibrate and make as much noise as possible to help you find it. Not enough? It's way out of reach or stolen? Your smartphone will also send to the borrowed phone a SMS reply with its approximate location, precise location and remaining battery level. Finally a notification will give at the person holding your phone a warning + ways to contact you to return the phone.

SMS With Text Trigger

Composite Action


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Required Apps

Google Maps


Will not save ANY sound to play when activated.

by rmbattaglia7

sound selection want save

by lisafry73

Excellent! (However, I changed the order of actions so it sends the location info first before alerting the user)

by kjspann1

To get the play sound to save one must delete one of the actions and then It seems to be able to save. You can delete the vibration pattern or something to keep the sound action.

by dmachine777

Play a sound does not save. Therefore, rule does not work.

by kbmerritt1


by farhancobra

Wouldn't let me save sounds for some reason... Cannot delete just this action too.

by kenderkin

great rule, I had to delete that part where it kept asking for a ring tone and it worked fine after I just readded it later. I also added take picture with both cameras but I guess I need to add a delay cause it's working.

by Amatyi1

not work

by mrbula888

can't dwnload bcos it kept asking to set sound to play even though I already selected w/c ringtone

by msm1348


by benet.aurelien

Man kann die Sounddatei NICHT auswählen, resp. es speichert diese nicht...

by Buggy

Couldn't set sound output - kept on asking - had to disable this - otherwise good

by toooob

great idea but it kept asking me to set the sound output. every time I set it, it asked again. had to delete that part.

by jlt131

Great idea

by prashant

Great idea, thanks!

by StrickenAza34

I added the flashlight and frontcam option.

by vaultdweller7


by gurd

melhor impossível

by cosmerafa

God bless you! Salaam

by ahmadalsadawy

cant enable GPS

by lausheklun

Also added picture with both cameras which are uploaded to dropbox. Great job making this

by Gman

Nice one :-)

by falash

Very good rule

by Veon

Couple tweaks needed but awesome job

by Spiricore


by cosmin.modreanu


by Rosie

Added GPS on and added flash light plug in flash light action.

by acciarri

I also added enable GPS as an action

by katemtsui

Great, bit needs to enable GPS in actions.

by silentstray

awesome rule

by bobo

super great, thanks a lot dude!

by abelyao107


by car

sweet !

by rasuah55


by Unforgettable

good idea

by welcomexxx


by enculturation

very helpfull

by M.K.

awesome dude

by dkbhadeshiya


by ilgriso