Lost phone? The ultimate phone tracking rule EVER!!! (ver 3.2.1)

by AMD

Lost your phone? This rule will ensure that your expensive device is returned to you or be tracked by you!! If this doesn't work.... Nothing would!!

SMS With Text Trigger

Composite Action


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Unable to set sound

by Charlie

Ojalá que funcione cuando lo requiera.

by RVZ

My favorite rule. Has helped me find my phone more than ever.

by varney1987

does not work when texted

by stevethepilotssteve2

Thanks! Tweaked it a bit to also enable mobile data in addition to your wifi enable rule.

by lspears

Great, but needs one more rule to send SMS if seem is changed to specific number a message with location.

by David

absolutely brilliant!

by caspellclark


by guidokarola


by rucomedia

La règle poueat être mieux. Pour cette raison, j'ai créer une règle qui s'inspire fortement de celle-ci : 20. Téléphone perdu.

by PFG60

Is there a way that the sound can be set to go off for a timed period? It just goes and goes and that's going to make someone just turn off the phone, losing all possible connectivity to it.

by rephelps.001

small issue , this will never work with me since I am using a custom sms app ... , automate it don't recognize the sms . and I suggest that you send the sms first before you till the world that this cellphone is lost .

by error0327

Great idea, but FYI never tell your super jealous, controlling boyfriend about this cause it gets pretty annoying after a while.

by Amatyi1

juste fantastic

by bois.romuald


by CrescendoFang


by coneyrabbit

Wil geen geluid accepteren. (Note4)

by fggoosmann

like it

by portableoptions

Good idea, muy buena idea, espero que funcione

by antonimus2015

like it

by ipxi

Best rule ever

by z0z1m0.m4n

I try it

by skycams9914


by mercury20101010

Best rule ever made for losing phone!

by jasonisheadsome

I made something very similar but added picture taking with both cameras. As my pictures are backed up immediately to both Drive and Dropbox I can see what is around my phone.

by schirmyver


by tnomura80

very good

by vince.ian.asian

Great set of rules! I did have to delete the "play a sound" portion & re-add it to get it to work correctly.

by bhstovall

good job

by Sean

Excellent, just tested it and it's really impressive ! =)

by marko.tavra

¡Cada vez más completa!

by ermoral

good idea

by claudiu.f.marginean

Good idea

by welcomexxx

Love it!

by Ruben

Genial! !!!

by Wolf

great one.

by egyangelo


by Ashesh

hi, i kinda work on the same anti-theft rules. plese give som feedback to my rules. just searh '5o5' (without the ') at rules market. thx.

by longor

The best rule EVER

by AMD