Who used my phone??? #Selfie

by AutomateIt Team

Want to see who uses your phone when you are not around? Or just take a #Selfie whenever you turn on your screen? Use this rule to take a picture using your device front camera when the screen is turned on!

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by chandrhkeshkumar21

works great just had to add a two second delay besides that work great

by timmalone617

When I use it, it also takes my pic making my entire storage low...

by yeejiarong2004

Nice to take selfie. But on Nexus 6 don't open screen camera so I'm not able to see image to take.

by a.rossi49


by andyemome


by alice5889

The app Prey does this on command, as well as find your device, lock it up, or delete your data. A much better option.

by Everwriting

At first it's useful. But i realized that it's poorly controlled. you can never really disable. It got really annoying when it would remain active after disabling it, deleting the rule, and deleting the extension. Would msg saying rule unavailable.

by Jeremy