map off GPS off

by Matt

Application Status Trigger

Enable/Disable Rule Action


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by pannee6233

Superb, what else is there to say.

by 190766jprs

Doesn't work


it's not working

by ehabebrahim

Doesn't work. Even when phone is rooted and busybox installed.

by netspeedz

doesnt work fella

by macniven

soo coooool

by jnjoerems

This doesn't work, because exiting most apps, including maps, does NOT deactivate them. Android normally keeps apps in memory after you exit them.

by Bob


by AlatiphA

Makes no sense - what rule are you stopping??

by mark.trist1981


by mikhaillgg2

you need to install root and busybox on your phone and it will work

by aleks.massive

I don`t know how to use it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!HELP

by toco

really good

by bcwon12

does not work

by jykke

No desactiva el GPS

by dpizarro

must explain

by vinicius.big

can't download at all

by northernlight1328

the best

by anjaskartiko

Doesnt work

by alinerossi

how to work?

by Emily


by rosalgarcia.rlg

Nice and thank you :)

by N.