f*** that feels good charging

by Wynshaft

when phone is charged it speaks f*** yeah that feels good when you charge me

Power Connected Trigger

Text to Speech Action


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totally inappropriate

by ubeeric2000

Looks like automateIT needs a childrens forum

by longhornbob

**** you

by hereniabaez

language, yo

by GamePois0n

not sure what it's saying but not what the description says.

by Sean

cool and funny

by tinanewtonart

True poetry. This saved my marriage.

by Nacho the Last Remaining Warrior of the South

abusive language

by 5pints

une tuerie. GreGouse Authentik.

by Thor


by justa

ahahah nice!

by aletri

Lol, I laugh every time.

by tommyobeck