Rules Market Language Filter

As AutomateIt grows, its built-in Rules Market contains more and more useful rules that our users have created.
Along with the obvious benefits of having a large selection of rules on the Rules Market that you can use, it became more difficult to find the ones that you can adopt.
One of the side-effects of having a global Rules Market is that rules in all languages were shared to the same place. That made the Rules Market seem cluttered and rules that you could use were hidden by others that you could not understand.
Starting with the latest AutomateIt update, the Rules Market has a new language filter, that by default filters rules by the device and app language. On the app settings screen, you can customize the filter settings, or disable the filter to see all rules in the market.

Rules Market Language Filter

Rules Market Language Filter Settings

To make it easier to toggle the language filter, you can also enable or disable it from the menu on the Rules Market screen.

Toggle language filter from rules market menu

Toggle language filter from Rules Market menu



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