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Many users asked us what is the rules market point system, so here is a short explanation about it.

Each user gets an initial pool of points at the first registration to the market. 30 points to our free version users and 50 points to our pro version users.

When uploading a rule and share it with our user community you gain 3 points, and when downloading a rule from the market it deducts 5 points.

(Update: Pro users still gain additional 20 points but they can use the rules market without any points deducted from their account when downloading rules)



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14 comments on “Rules Market Points
  1. Mas says:

    I purchased points in the Google play, but the points are not added. Why?

    • AutomateIt says:

      We’ll need some more details so we can investigate the issue.
      Please send us a “Bug Report” from the “Support” option on the app “More…” menu – that will generate an email with additional info that we can use.

      If you have a confirmation email for the purchase please also forward that to us.

  2. BT says:

    I invite the friends but my points are not added to my account.

    • AutomateIt says:

      We’ve contacted you via email to get more details.
      If you didn’t receive the email, please contact our support through the “Support” button on the app “more..” menu.

      • Maharaj says:

        I’ve faced the same issue. I’ve sent two invitations and didn’t received any points. Can you please explain how does this system works?

        • AutomateIt says:

          Points a re awarded once the invited user installs and start using AutomateIt.
          In case you did not receive the deserved points, please contact our support.

  3. Cymbrogi says:

    I have to agree the whole points in the market thing is silly. I appreciate hosting a database of rules that folks can contribute to costs money, but along with the market being flooded with garbage and duplicate rules, there’s no way to just get points other than submitting duplicate rules.

    Frankly, it’s insulting to your paid users. For the free users, it may make sense with some tweaking to minimize the duplicates, but as a paid user, I bought the app because I thought it was worthy of my money. Maybe you need to bump the price up.

    As an alternative for the hosting of the rules, let people view the details of the rule to enter them on their own device, rather than download them to the device. That way, someone like me who doesn’t want to be guilty of submitting duplicates just to get points, can see what the other rules look like and possibly even learn more about how the rules work together and may actually come up with a new usable idea.

    In sum, the points system really needs to go or you need to let us see the rules themselves. Hiding them behind these QC codes and points is just not endearing to your customers.

    • AutomateIt says:


      Thanks for the feedback.

      We encourage all users to write a short story explaining the rule they upload so other users can understand what the rule is about.

      You can gain points by sharing rules on Facebook or Twitter and not only by uploading.

  4. DST says:

    I bought the pro version. It really was very useful until you came up with this idea of the market points.
    The best thing about this app was the option to choose and download the rules I wanted, try them, edit them, delete them, etc…
    Now I have 0 points and only 2 active rules.

  5. David says:

    This whole concept is nonsense. It’s probably the sole reason why the ‘market’ is currently flooded with multiples of trivial wifi on/off rules. I could generate and upload twenty rules within the next ten minutes, but most of them will probably be rubbish.

    If you’re going to award points, award them for a certain amount of rating stars or number of third party downloads. Wuality, not quantity. The way you’re currently doing it will inundate the market with crap, eventually rendering the market completely useless.

    • AutomateIt says:

      The Market place is a new feature that we launched just a few weeks ago. For now we see that many users use it as their main place to get rules from.

      We are taking into consideration feedbacks from users, including yours.

      We appreciate your feedback in regard to duplicates, quality and awarding, and might change things along the way.

  6. jcarerra says:

    I would much prefer a rule exchange arrangement without points. It is needless complication.

    I have one rule. That gives me 53 points max = 10 rules I can download. That means I cannot go get rules just to experiment with to see if they benefit me or are any good. Constantly have to try to be really sure (without having ever used it) before download. In short, you have made it like spending gold to get rules–no fun.

    Just my opinion.

    • AutomateIt says:


      See our new release.
      Now you can easily gain points by sharing your favorite rules on your Facebook or Twitter.

  7. roughair says:

    Great tool !

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