Rules by bubbleboy77

Screen off Data off


May your battery live long and prosper! Does your battery suffer from short life like mine? This simple rule will save it from being consumed, by turning the Cellular internet off once the screen is off. Use its twin rule "Screen on Data on" to complete the experience!

Shush! Stop music by flipping.

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Shush! Stop music by flipping the phone, or covering it with your palm. This rule uses the proximity sensor to kill the Google Music app. You can change it to any other sensor or music /radio app. No more opening the app just in order to close it..

Screen on Data on


May your battery live long and prosper! This rule completes the "Screen off Data off" rule. Look it up in the rules market, and save your battery today!

Mute Ring with your palm


An incoming call disturbs you in the middle of a meeting or at the wrong moment? Just put your palm on the screen or flip the phone over to mute the ring! (if you're not lucky to have this feature already built in). This will require the pro version of AutomateIt.