Rules by shwitz44

Turn on sounds after a 911 text


If anyone texts me with "911" in the text, it'll wake my phone up and un-silence it. I couple this with a rule to make an alarm sound on a delay.

Sound an alarm after a 911 text


This rule makes sure I know if there's an emergency. I couple this with a rule that turns my phone sounds back on after a 911 text - this sounds an alarm on a 2 second delay to ensure the sound is on.

Bluetooth On - Start Fitbit App

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Saves a step when you just want to sync your Fitbit but you don't have your Bluetooth On 24/7

Disable screen timeout when using Pocket


When reading items in my queue in Pocket, sometimes I prefer not to have me finger perpetually scrolling to avoid the screen timing out. This keeps the screen on while I read. I couple this with a rule that resets the screen timeout when I close Pocket.

Reduce media volume to 50% when closing YouTube


I have to crank the volume for YouTube, but always forget to turn the volume down when I am done watching. This prevents me from blowing out my eardrums the next time I listen to music.

Arrive at Location - Turn on WiFi

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Turn on WiFi when you arrive at a destination. Pairs well with its sister rule, Arrive at Location - Turn off WiFi.

Arrive at Location - Turn off WiFi

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Turns off WiFi when you arrive at certain destinations. I use this to keep my phone off of the work WiFi at multiple office locations (Internet filters are a drag).