Smart Events with Neura

AutomateIt is all about making your life easier, and make your smartphone work for you. To enhance your automation capabilities even further, we have teamed with Neura – an intuitive Internet of Things app that enhances your everyday experiences by learning you and adapting to your habits, devices and services around you.

Neura uses devices you own and services you use to gain a deeper understanding of your world; and when combined with AutomateIt, the user then has the power to take an action on specific events.

Launch your music app when you arrive at the gym, silent your phone when you arrive to work, or have your smartphone greet you with “Good morning” when you wake up (More sample rules at the bottom of this post).

To enable all the goods that come with the AutomateIt-Neura integration you are required to install the Neura app. You will be redirected to download the Neura app if you select the “Neura Smart Events” trigger on the triggers list (When creating a new rule) and the Neura app is not installed.

Neura smart events trigger

Install Neura app to activate

After installing the Neura app you can select one of the following smart events that will be used as a trigger:

Neura smart events

If that is your first time using the “Neura Smart Events” trigger, you will be required to authenticate with the Neura service so events will be sent to AutomateIt.

That’s it. you are now ready to connect your everyday events to AutomateIt. The following rules are just a few examples that can help you get started:

Good morning! by AutomateIt Team
Make your smartphone greet you when you wake up. Have a great day!

Bluetooth on when driving by AutomateIt Team
Turn on your Bluetooth when started driving so your phone will connect to your Bluetooth speaker

Silent my phone at work by AutomateIt Team
Your phone will switch to silent mode when you arrive to work. Neura learns the world around you and once it figures (on its own!) where "Work" is, you no longer have to worry about it

Send people who call me while driving a text message by shimritben
when I'm driving and someone calls me, send a text message saying I'll call later.

Launch my Spotify when I start driving by shimritben
Launch my Spotify app as soon as I start driving (using Neura's triggers)

Launch Google Maps when I start driving by shimritben
Launch my Google maps when I start driving for easier navigation

Launch Spotify when I arrive at the gym or another activity place by shimritben
when I arrive to my gym, yoga studio or any other workout zone, launch my Spotify app.

Launch my Runkeeper app when I arrive at my gym or other workout zone by shimritben
Launch my Runkeeper app when I arrive at the gym or other workout area (using Neura's triggers)

Text people who call me when I work out and notify them I'll get back to them soon. by shimritben
Notify people who call me while working out I'll be in touch soon (based on Neura's triggers)

Launch Spotify when I wake up by shimritben
Launch my Spotify app when I wake up

More rules…



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4 comments on “Smart Events with Neura
  1. William Forslund says:

    How do I use a Neura location to trigger AutomatIt actions?

  2. ggcool07 says:

    Hello, i become beta-tester, have you a list of the new functionnalities we can test ?
    Thenk you

    • AutomateIt says:

      The beta version features are published on the Beta Tester Google Group when they are available and in the “What’s new” section of the app on the Play Store

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