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AutomateIt Pressy Plugin is now available!

Pressy has just announced that shipping of over 30,000 almighty buttons has started yesterday and should be¬†arriving in just a few days to its backers. That’s great news for all those who backed this project on Kickstarter. Thanks to our

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Enjoy the World Cup with AutomateIt

After a long 4 years wait, it’s here! For the soccer fans in the crowd, the next month is definitely a celebration. 64 games of the best teams in the world.¬†What more can you ask? Well, just to make it

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AutomateIt Plugins are here !

If you visited our feature request forum, you can see tons of great ideas for new triggers and actions that would make AutomateIt even more powerful than it already is. The only problem with implementing all of these creative suggestions

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