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Win 100 points to AutomateIt rules market !

Want to win 100 points to be used in AutomateIt rules market or to unlock Pro features ? Visit our Facebook page for more details

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New Release – Default Rules and Set Wallpaper Action

A new update to AutomateIt was just released ! This update has a new action (Set Wallpaper Action) you can use in your rules to customize your home screen wallpaper by different triggers. Want to have different wallpapers for various

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Featured SMS Rules

Looking at AutomateIt rules market you can find a lot of useful rules. On this post we will be highlighting several SMS-related rules that can enhance your smartphone. All the rules were created and uploaded by AutomateIt users ! keep up

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Weekly Top 10 Rules

Take a look on these Weekly Top 10 Rules. Thanks for our creative users that created and shared their rules. People love your rules and they get downloaded by hundreds. Keep on going! Create more cool rules, share them to

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