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Where is my phone? by AutomateIt Team
Ever forgot your phone and wish to just ping it and get a location response? Now you can! With this rule you can send your device a SMS with the text "lost" and get a reply SMS with the last known location and battery status. To reply to the SMS sender you can search the market for the rule "Where are you ???"

wifi on- home by Agehya

Charging by mrruz88
Phone thanks you for plugging it in.

End of call = home screen by jrp1305
End of call = home screen

WiFi On, Mobile data Off by Wannabe
When Wi-Fi is enabled, mobile data will be switched off

wifi off- not home by Agehya

Data off when screen is off by mori.noam
This rule saves lots of battery power together with the law "Data on when screen is on"

GPS on when maps starts by alruiz

Unmute by SMS by AutomateIt Team
Ever forgot your device but couldn't hear it ring because you left it on silent? This rule allows you to unmute by sending your device an "unmute" sms.

WiFi Off When Disconnected by curtiswtaylorjr
This will turn WiFi off after being disconnected for 5 minutes.




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8 comments on “Weekly Top 10 Rules
  1. Marcus says:

    I’m having trouble configuring automateit to reply to sms messages, as it always asks for a specific phone number to send to. Any way to resolve this?

    • AutomateIt says:

      Currently the send SMS action requires a predefine contact as the SMS recipient.

      We might add in a future release the functionality of replying to caller/sender with an SMS.

      AutomateIt Team

  2. eb1 says:

    1. If using more than several “OR” trigger conditions, later it’s impossible to delete (edit) selected triggers out of the rule , because the gui gets mixed up and the deletion icon is not visible anymore.
    2. I want to activate Wifi only for apps in my cell which are depended on data transfer .(google, utube… etc, but not for calls, or messages…) Is there a way to know that?

    • AutomateIt says:


      1. We are familiar with this problem. until we will change it we recommend to split the composite trigger into two (or 3 if necessary). for example if you use an or trigger and inside it triggers A or B or C or D or E or F, you can replace it with or trigger and inside it A or B or C or OR trigger (#2) and inside this one D or E or F.

      2. We don’t know a way to do this.

  3. yevets says:

    Similarly, when exit a Navigation application [as trigger], the actions are

    -turn off GPS

    ps. I am using Automateit Pro

  4. yevets says:

    I would like start an application [navigation app or maps] as trigger and the actions are

    – Turn on GPS [currently not available]
    – Turn on mobile data
    – Turn off wifi

    Could you include GPS state as an action item?

  5. Leonore says:

    I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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