Action selection

Second step of the wizard is selecting an action from our rich action list. Right after selecting an action the wizard will open the action parameters configuration view allowing you, as in triggers, to complete your desire definition, or if applicable, use the default values. Clicking the Next button will take the wizard to the last step – Rule details.

Currently AutomateIt supports the following actions:



 Shows notification on notification bar


Play Sound

 Plays selected sound


Set Bluetooth State



Set Sound Mode

Silent / Vibrate / Normal(With/Without Vibrate)


Set Speakerphone State

Turn on/off


Set WiFi Adapter State



Start Application


Enable/Disable other rules

Allows to Enable/Disable specific rule. Can be useful to set “activity” of a rule based on a trigger.

For example if you have rule A that you wish will monitor its trigger only when an incoming call is entered, you can configure rule B with incoming call trigger and enable rula A as an action


Vibrate action

Vibrates for a defined time


Kill application

Note: Requires Root


Launch Home Screen


Activate/Deactivate Airplane mode


Enable/Disable GPS

Note: Supported for Android version prior to 2.3 and MOST rooted devices. Not supported for ICS


Enable/Disable Sync Data

Note: Supported for Android version prior to 2.3 and MOST rooted devices. Not supported for ICS


Set Mobile Data

Enable/Disable Mobile Data


Set Screen Brightness

Automatic or specific value


Enable/Disable screen automatic rotation


Dial Phone Number

Dials a phone number selected from the device contacts


Send SMS to phone number

(Message text can include keywords Location or Battery level)


Set screen timeout

(Including “Never” turn off)


Shutdown Device

Note: Requires Root



Say defined text



Note: Requires Root


Enable/Disable Screen lock

Enables or disables your screen lock slide/pattern/password/pin.


Set volume for single stream

Sets volume for a single sound stream on the device (Media, Ringtone, Voice etc.)


Set Volume

Sets volume of all sound streams on the device


Composite Action

Enables the creation of a composite action consists of several other actions which will be execute together as a result of a single trigger. See more here

Basically, the only difference between one action to another is the detailed configuration of each. Here are some examples of actions parameters that should be configured:

  • Using the “Play Sound Action” requires you to select the sound to play
  • Using the “Start Application Action” requires you to select the application to start
  • Using the Wifi/Bluetooth actions requires you to select the Wifi/Bluetooth state
  • Using the “Notification Action” lets you enter the notification title, text and various notification parameters