Calendar trigger (Pro version only)

Calendar trigger allows your device to act once a calendar event starts or ends (Note: All day events are ignored).

The calendar trigger configuration has the following parameters:

Calendar – The calendar that will be monitored for events.

Calendar Events Filter – A filter that can be used to act on specific events. By default this setting is checked and that means no filter was set. When unchecking this setting to kinds of filters could be set:

  • Filter show me as… – Triggers only on events with the selected “Show me as” status – can be Busy Only\Available Only\Busy or Available.
  • Event title filter – Filter events by their title. Can be an exact match or partial match by checking/unchecking the “Title exact match” checkbox.

Trigger on event start – When this checkbox is checked, the trigger will launch on the beginning of the events matching the defined filter on the selected calendar. When this checkbox is unchecked, the trigger will launch when the events ends.

Note: If this trigger is used as part of a Composite AND Trigger, this checkbox acts as a during/not during indication.

Refresh Rate – Since the calendar events might change, this trigger requires refreshing once in a while to keep track of the updated upcoming events. By default this is set to 4 hours. (Default value can be changed from the Settings screen).