Rules market

AutomateIt Rules Market is a very exciting new feature allowing our user community to share their rules and contribute ideas to each other. AutomateIt is a great powerful platform allowing you to create many kinds of rules with a lot of flexibility and an easy to use user interface. By adding to all of that the new rules market, we intensify the power of AutomateIt, giving all of you the possibility for endless list of great rules, creativity sharing and useful ideas.

The Rules Market is easy to use and much alike the app market. You can review rules details, see ratings, authors and the number of downloads. You can download rule, rate it, share it and if it’s your rule you can remove it. The market enables different views of rule lists and searching.

Screen Navigation & Gestures

When entering to Rules Market screen you will see:

Header and User Details row – Shows you that you are at the “Rules Market” screen and contains also a small toolbar. From the toolbar you can start a rule search by clicking the Search icon, or watch and change your user details by clicking the User icon.

Underneath you will see your logged in Username and your market Credit Points status.

Slider row – The slider allows you to switch between 3 lists of rules: Top Rules, Latest Rules and Most Downloaded Rules.

Rules List – The rules list shows you all rules and allowing you to see more details on each rule and perform some actions. On the bottom of the lists you will see a More… button allowing you to browse for more rules to the list.


  • Sliding your finger left / right on the rules list will switch between lists.
  • Sliding your finger up / down on the rules list will scroll the list.
  • Clicking the down arrow head will open a preview of the rule and the rule toolbar.

Rules Lists

Each rules list shows you rules sorted according to the list type. Latest Rules will show you the rules in a descending order of the time they were uploaded to the market – newest are at top. Most Downloaded will sort rules according to number of downloads from the market. Top Rules will sort rules according to highest rating.

For each rule in the list you can see:

  1. Rule name.
  2. Pair of icons showing the trigger and action of the rule.
  3. Market details: Rating, Author and Downloads.
  4. Down arrow head, allowing you to open a preview of the rule and the market rule toolbar.

Rule Preview shows you a description of the trigger and action definition of the rule so you can briefly understand what the rule does.

Rule Toolbar – allowing you to slide right/left and choose rule operations:

Rate Rule Click it to Rate any rule in the market.


Download Rule Click it downloads the rule to yours rules list. The rule will open in edit mode allowing you to make little changes if necessary and save the rule. Download will finished when saving the rule and credit points will be decreased from your market credits on that point.Note: In case the rule contains personal parameters like contacts, applications etc., on uploading this data was deleted, so on download you will have to fill it with yours chosen parameters before saving. For example, if someone uploaded a rule “SMS my spouse on incoming call”, when uploading AutomateIt deleted the spouse contact details, and on download you will have to browse yours spouse contact in the trigger definition screen.

Facebook Share Post the rule on your Facebook Timeline to share it with your friends.

Tweet Tweet the rule.


Share Rule Send a rule link by email about a cool rule you found in the market and share it with your friends.By using the sent link they will be directed to the chosen rule in the market or to download AutomateIt if they are still not in our AutomateIt community.

Remove Rule Click to remove a rule that you uploaded to the market and wish to clear from there. Note: this will be available only for rules that you uploaded yourself.