Widget – a shortcut to your rules

This new feature lets you access your defined rules from your home screen and perform different things with those rules. AutomateIt widgets are added to the home screen just as you would add any other widget. Once you select to add an AutomateIt widget, the following configuration screen is displayed:

Rule – select from rule list which rule this widget targets.

Widget Action – set what will happen when clicking the widget. There are 3 options:

  • Perform Rule Action (default)
  • Toggle Enable/Disable Rule
  • Show Rule History.

Notice that changing the widget action will change the small gray icon on the widget display.

Widget Icon – set how the widget will look like. You can select one of 3 icons:

  • Action Icon (default)
  • Trigger Icon
  • Application Icon

Show Rule Name – set if the widget display will include the rule name or just an icon.

Once you finished configuring your widget, click on the “Create Widget” button. Here are a few sample widgets: